Best of 2021 – Reader’s Favorite “Influences”

Although I’m still anti the word “influencer” I loved reading what everyone was “influenced” to do over on Instagram stories lats week!  It’s not just about buying things; it’s about sharing what’s making us happy–bringing us joy.  Or maybe it’s about helping us get through the tough times.  Some of you even said I influenced you NOT to do something (a few mentioned not buying Augustinus Bader cream–ha!)  Other honorable mentions were books, podcasts, moving our bodies, and shopping our closest, too!  

Here’s to sharing more of the good in 2022!

Best of 2021 – Reader’s Favorite “Influences”

Jura Coffee Maker

I need to write a full review on the Jura; it’s one of my favorite purchases and it has been worth every penny.  After about 8 friends raved about theirs, I started researching intensely.  I wish I would’ve bought it sooner.  I’ve only shared it a few times, but some you said I influenced them to buy a Jura and that they love it, too!


I had been holding out on this one.  How long before I see what this Botox craze is all about?  I was scared and didn’t want to overdue it.  But, I’m glad I did; I’ve had it done twice so far and the light touch of Suzie at The Fitz.  Highly recommend and was os glad to see others love her (and botox in general!). See my Botox review here.

Lug Sole Boots

An emerging trend over the past couple years hash been lug sole boots and I’m so proud that I pushed some of you over the edge; after the past two years, I just want some kick ass boots and theses fit the bill.  Your favorites have been these Sam Edelman boots. (On sale here)


We just celebrated our SECOND anniversary with the Peloton and the love affair is going strong.  I admitted that I never enjoyed cycling but I love the Peloton, the instructors, and everything it represents.  Most importantly, we all voted for Cody on DWTS, which will be my forever legacy.  See my Peloton review here.


So happy to see One/Third mentioned over and over; after the past couple years I’m just happy we’re still in business and I’m so thrilled to see you love wearing our jackets, too.  I can’t wait for you to see our spring lineup!  (But snag our fall/winter jackets while they’re still in stock–once they’re gone, they’re gone!)

Few Moda

I was served a Few Moda ad last year and the rest is history.  You were all intrigued, too!  I wasn’t sure if it was a scam at first but a year later, I’m still a big fan.  Purchases and returns are simple and the only issue is that items go fast!  See my Few Moda review here.

Amazon Fridge Calendar

When I tell you I’ve been looking for a calendar fridge (that would stick to stainless steel but not cause a mess) for YEARS, I am not exaggerating.  Guess you were all, too?

Oil of Oregano 

When I feel that tickle in my throat, I reach for Oil of Oregano. I grew up with a mom who loved homeopathic remedies (but yes, we use traditional medicine, too) so while I can’t prove this works it always seems to clear things up.  With Omicron spreading, who knows what’ll happen but it’s great for a normal cold.  (I also like zinc, Vitamin D, and Quecertin!)

Shopping at Mango

Happy to open your eyes to the beauty of Mango.  Shipping can take a while (we’re just used to Amazon Prime) but they have fantastic pieces!

Equilibria CBD

I took some time away during pregnancy and breast-feeding but am SO happy to be back taking CBD.  During the recent stressful months, I now sometimes take a morning gummy and it helps me tone it down a bit and actually focus?  Is that possible?  Anyway, I always tell people it got Eric off of years of taking Ambien–it really has helped us!  Use code SEEANNAJANE50 for 50% off until Jan 13 (then code SEEANNAJANE works the rest of the time)

Amazon Workout Shorts 

I was personally influenced over on Alabama Rush Tiktok to buy these shorts and am proud to say it!  They’re $24 and I LOVE ’em.


According to my husband, I’ve been talking about getting Invisalign for years.  My built-in retainer on my bottom teeth broke in high school and my teeth got all messed up.  I’m not quite done yet (I have refinements happening soon!) but have LOVED the results so far.

Our Place Always Pan

My favorite pan that I use daily.  I’ve also gifted it to several people.  If you take care of it (medium heat max and hand wash it), it’ll treat you right!

Force of Nature

I partnered with them in 2021 and wow, love the stuff.  A natural cleaner that kills everything (including the covid virus!).  I used to have aa code but it expired so let me know if you want me to ask the brand for another! (You can also buy it on amazon for 20% off)

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