The Look For Less: A Few Moda Review

My first Few Moda review // wearing “similar to Zimmerman” dress

The same day I saw an ad for Few Moda, I became a customer–how’s that for conversion?!  That’s right, my initial Few Moda review is here.  Although I’m a serial shopper, I also LOVE a deal so I can’t resist a good off-priced model.  I was intrigued from the get go–at first I thought hit was like Beauty Pie for clothes.  Then I realized that it wasn’t their own brands; rather, it seems like an online outlet of several different brands. 

Few Moda claims that many of their products are made int eh same factories such as Lululemon, Zimmerman, Reformation, even Celine and Chloe!  The more I dug in, the more I wanted to try it.  And now that I’ve tried it, I think it’s worth it, even if  I only end up purchasing a few times a year.  I’m about to go back to the well for more Lululemon!

“similar to Lululemon” pieces

Few Moda Review

What is Few Moda?

It’s a membership-only retailer that sells various brands or similar pieces (aka made in the same factory as) at a deep discount.

What does it cost?

$120/year, billed $10 a month

What brands do they have?

This is tough for me to fully understand but it seems like they have some lesser-known brands, like OPT, which is on Shopbop.  But they also have nameless brands that are “made in the same factory as” Lululemon, Zimmerman, Reformation, Varley, Moncler, Theory, Vince, Ulla Johnson, even Jo Malone!  However, the workout tank I received that is “made in the same factory as Lululemon” had Lululemon tags AND the branding on the outside of the tank! (see attached photo)

Is the stuff legit?

YES.  Big fan of what I’ve seen so far!  I only ordered a few things and they are beautiful and well-made.  Ordering more as we speak!

How’s sizing?

In the few pieces I ordered, it seems TTS.  I usually wear a 4 in Lululemon but I’m heavier postpartum and the 6 is perfect. The dress is a small and fits like a dream.

Any cons to using Few Moda?

Shipping took awhile; this isn’t Amazon Prime, folks.  My order took a solid two weeks, so order accordingly.  Other than that, it was pretty seamless!  They also have free returns and free shipping over $150.

They have a reward system, too, so here is 10% off towards your first purchase as a member. Enjoy!

In Few Moda’s words: Few Moda connects members directly with the world’s finest manufacturers – farm to table style. By cutting out the middlemen and removing the traditional retail markup, all members pay for is the cost of goods, packaging, warehousing and fulfillment. 

few moda review lululemon

  • How big is the delta between the name brand prices vs their brand? I guess I’m trying to figure out the break even for myself to justify the $10/mo cost haha.

    P.S. I can’t click on the checkboxes to save my name/email or notify me if anyone answers my comment at the bottom of this form. I’m on mobile Safari.

    • Awesome question – it really seems to depend on the item! So, Lulu leggings are $48, whereas Lulu Align leggings are $98. The dress I bought was “zimmerman” and $89, but Zimmerman are upwards of $800! So the savings is pretty great, there. BUT, some of the dresses are $59 and are “reformation” which are normally $150, so the savings is less. It just depends on what you get–try the free trial and then cancel if you dont like it;)

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