Real Outfit Recap + Need Your Turkey Tips

rothy's outfit
I Love Mr Mittens sweater (shop more ILMM here), old Topshop jeans (similar here), Rothy’s loafers (run TTS)

I’m not going to complain about Daylight Savings–I promise.  BUT, all of the sudden, it’s winter in Chicago.  I’ll mildly about that because it’s TOO SOON.  I was driving along on Monday, just feeling happy and seeing the bright and beautiful leaves were still on the trees and outside it was a perfect 54 degrees out.  Then a windy storm came and blew all the gorgeous leaves off the trees and it’s been 38 degrees ever since.  No, please–not ready..and it’s might snow.  I like my snow in December, please (although, Chicago loves a good April snow storm).

Time to celebrate the highs: I’m staying busy with work and my passion project, renovation is moving along (albeit slowly and there have been bumps, but it’s all to be expected) the kids are loving fall (they couldn’t get enough of Halloween), we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and the holidays.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving and our house and while I love to cook, I’ve never made a turkey.  Roast chicken, yes, but a turkey seems a lot more intense; I feel the pressure.  Any tips on turkey making?  I know I need to invest in a meat thermometer, but anything else you’d recommend (that you can’t find in a recipe)?

MKT Studio coat (shop more MKT studio here), H&M sweater, Everlane jeans (see my powder room renovation here)
rothy's outfit monteverde chicago
Everlane trench, H&M striped tee, rag & bone cords (shop more rag & bone here), Rothy’s flats (Monteverde is my FAVORITE.  A must-eat in Chicago)
Old ASOS coat (similar here), old ALC turtleneck (similar here), Citizens of Humanity jeans (shop more COH here) – (PS. Go to the Scent Event at Nordstrom if you’re in Chicago!



  1. Cooking turkey is essentially the same as cooking a chicken but it takes longer since the bird is bigger. I would say if you are nervous about cooking it do the slow all day cooking option as you can always crank the heat at the end to make sure it cooks through.

    We had the same thing happen here in Ontario with our leaves and it is supposed to snow today! It was so much prettier last weekend…

  2. Christine Quinn says:

    Hey there. We met briefly at the new family party at WW. Order a local turkey from the Grand or Hoffher so it is never frozen. Brine overnight (we get ours at Williams Sonoma) so it cooks faster and stays moist. Or just have the Grand roast it for you and pick-up on Thanksgiving Day so you can keep your ovens free for sides and pie. They actually do a great job.

    • Thank you so much! Last week, I put in an order for a fresh turkey at Harrison’s Poultry in Glenview (have you heard of it?) – definitely trying the WS brine 🙂

  3. You look very Parisian in that trench & striped tee outfit. Love it! In regards to the turkey, I usually insert pats of butter underneath the skin and around the turkey as well (yes, we love butter), season it with salt/pepper and herb of your choice (I either do rosemary or thyme), and follow the directions on the label for cooking times (depends on how many pounds you get). Most turkeys already come with a pop-up timer so no need to buy a meat thermometer unless you really need one. Oh and I usually don’t put stuffing in the cavity. If anything, I’ll put a quartered onion and a little bit of celery for more flavor. Hope this helps!

  4. Toronto is calling for snow! There never seems to be much of a fall here.. it goes from blisteringly hot to freezing cold!

    My mom always puts strips of bacon on the top of her turkey. It adds flavor/fat and helps to make the turkey moist. It’s seriously the best. Everyone starts picking it off and eating it as soon as it’s out of the oven! 😂

  5. Hosted my first thanksgiving last year (and my first turkey) and tried a dry brine which is essentially a salt rub on and under the skin of the turkey. It helps dry out the skin but keeps the meat juicy. It seems like the turkey will be really salty but it wasn’t. No idea how it works but was pretty happy with the results! Good luck!

  6. Fellow Chicagoan turned suburbian. First, get the Williams Sonoma brine and second use a baking bag, it cuts the cook time down tremendously while still giving you the home cooked turkey credit. Be warned, you need to start the brining days prior to Thanksgiving but it’s so worth it. Good luck!

  7. Highly recommend the Reynold’s Turkey Bags! I’ve been hosting Thanksgiving & friendsgiving for 5 years now, and it makes the turkey cook faster, more evenly & more predictably. Everyone always comments that they love when I cook the turkey, I almost feel bad telling them I had very little to do with it 🙂 (Also, melted butter on the skin, like 3/4 stick salted). I also prefer no stuffing, as it gives you more juices to work with when making gravy!

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