New Brand Discovery: MUJI

MUJI top, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Sam Edelman shoes, Chanel bag

In full transparency, MUJI reached out to me for an instagram collaboration last month (see the post here) but I had to research the brand first because I had never heard of it!  However, this post is not sponsored–I just want to share what I’ve learned about MUJI because, from what I’ve read and experienced with the shirt I own, it’s pretty cool.  MUJI is a Japanese retail company that sells clothes and housewares–but here’s the best part: they’re known for their eco-friendly practices with an emphasis on recycling and minimal waste in packaging and production.  That’s what I love reading about when researching a new brand.  How have I never heard of MUJI??  Maybe you haven’t either (but I know some of you have, because you were DM-ing me about it on instagram!) so I’m here to show you what goodies they have to offer.

The website is pretty overwhelming and the shipping prices are kind of a bummer, but luckily most of the clothes are pretty inexpensive!  (Get a friend to go in on it with you and split the shipping!)

Pajama sets for $49!

A yak wool blend sweater for $55.

This coat looks like Vince and is $59.



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