My Sometimes Mom Style: Comfy Cool with Monrow

mom style monrow athleisure
Monrow sweatpants, Monrow tee, jean jacket, similar sneakers, belt bag

I have a confession:  I always swore I wouldn’t be the mom who started dressing down just because I had kids.  And at first I didn’t–but I had a 9-5 job in fashion that required some dressing up, meeting with clients or brands and setting the tone for the style in the office. Now, I work for myself and I’m trying to start a side hustle; oh, and I’m home with my kids a little more than before, too.  And with that, I’ve started to dress down.  Not ALL the time; I mean you see my outfits on Real Outfit Recap–I’m not always in sweats but that’s largely because I love clothes and really love getting dressed most days. I’ve always made a big deal out of my outfit, but sometimes, especially lately, it’s just easier to throw on some sweats or yoga pants when you’re taking your kid to camp and going to hole up at a coffee shop to bang out half a day of emails.  I don’t even feel that bad; I’ve accepted that it’s just my stage of life right now and you know what, the sweats and athleisure movement is pretty chic.  Monrow is one of those brands: it’s super soft (like hugging a cloud), slightly tailored and looks effortlessly cool.  I’m not totally succumbing but some days just call for a super casual look–especially when you’re doing pre-school pickups.  You can find Monrow at Bloomingdales when you’re buying your other staples like jeans and tees.

*Thanks to Bloomingdales for partnering with this post!

casual athleisure monrowmom style sweatpants with belt bag casual cool



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