Past Winter White (See Jane Wear)

MBMJ coat (old), American Vintage sweater, Zara jeans (old, but similar), Chloe bag, Super sunglasses (sold out, similar), Joie flats, J Crew + Giles & Bro bracelets

Wearing creamy neutrals in the dead of winter is my little way of wishing warm weather my way.  Let’s face it, we’re in the dead of winter and a world without tights seems eons away.  For now, I’ll wear my white jeans with exposed ankles (let’s be real, I commute in boots and change into different shoes at the office) and continue to be blissfully unaware.


  1. Love the lip color with those shoes! A little pink lip color, bright shoes and good bronzer does wonders in the dead of winter! (I'm addicted to Benefit's Hoopla bronzer!)

  2. For commuting, do you mostly use your ankle boots shown in other posts, or do you wear hardier boots? Curious about stylish ways to brave the elements. Wish bloggers would post more of those kinds of practical things than just what looks good. Thanks!

  3. This is a great way to bring spring into winter. I love how you mixed it up with the bright flats. And I totally braved the 30-degree weather today with bare ankles on the commute!


  4. I love this outfit! So classy. I totally do the same thing–wearing boots then changing shoes when I get to the office. It keeps me blissfully unaware as well! Love it.

  5. LOVE this combo! LOVE that you broke out the white jeans too! I live in mid Michigan and ALWAYS get called out for wearing bare ankles in the winter–I tough it out and pretend like I'm not freezing though 😉

  6. what a great outfit on you. Love the different combinations of neutral in your outfit. Very classy.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Parisian Style'.


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