Gingham One Shoulder Top (See Jane Wear)

Oooh, this top.  It fulfills a fantasy my high school self once had.  Let me explain: I discovered Forever21 for myself in high school–around 2001.  It was cheap, it was trendy and I could buy it myself–basically everything a 15 year old could want.  For some reason, one-shoulder tops just remind me of my early […]

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Best Summer Fragrance + Beauty Staples (See Jane’s Routine)

I’ve amassed quite the collection of Jo Malone London perfumes over the years.  I discovered the fragrance line through a friend about ten years ago and it’s been a favorite every since.  Nordstrom has the entire line, including the constant favorites and the new scents that rotate in each season.  My signature summer scent is […]

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summer dress ideas maternity

Six Dress Ideas for Summer (See Jane Wear)

A lot of my outfits don’t make it to the blog–I just snap them on my iphone when I remember. Because I tend to err on the side of classic, I thought it’d be helpful to round out some summer dress favorites from past years.  Dresses are my staple when the weather is warm but […]

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embroidered top summer

Like A Moth To a Flame (See Jane Wear)

Alright, here’s my admissiong: embroidery is my favorite trend this spring and summer.  I can’t get enough!  Zara does the trend right, so if you’re looking to explore it, I’d head over there and poke around.  Also, I’m back in love with color.  I love my neutrals but color has me smitten once again. A […]

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