Real Outfit Recap + Link Love

mkt studio m gemi stallato everlane turtleneck
Everlane sweater, MKT Studio coat, Frame jeans, M Gemi flats (these were included in my flats roundup!)

This week’s real outfit recap is concise but I have lots of link love for you below.  Hope you all had a great week (all I really accomplished this week was trimming Teddy’s bangs).


Link love:

Loved Jess Kirby’s piece on why she stopped going to fashion week.  I actually haven’t been in years–2013, maybe?  Why haven’t I been since then?  Work. (I guess I could take time off.)  Kids. (I could leave them home for a few days.) I actually think it was pretty fun back in the day and there was a sense of camaraderie…but life has gotten in the way.  Honestly, I have no idea what it’s like now given how much blogging has blown up.  Maybe I’ll go back someday, but for now it’s not a priority.  (And I’d personally rather look at the professional photos on rather than someone’s blurry IG story.)

I really want to buy this dress for a wedding in Chicago next week but I can’t swallow the price tag given it’s not something I can wear much.  Help.

Read Helena’s post on kid-friendly destinations if you’re looking for recommendations–it gave me a few to add to my list!

I freaking love these earrings and they’re under $50 (and they’re in my cart) – and shop more gold statement earrings here.

I never got a chance to wear this gingham bathing suit in Miami but I can’t wait to wear it somewhere warm (I kept it and wear a small).

I asked on IG whether or not you thought I should buy these white booties for spring (shop more white booties here).  2/3 of you voted no and you know what, that’s ok.  Challenge accepted; I’m going to make you love them.

(This was the day we had a blizzard–I still went to work and this is what I wore) old Zara sweater (shop navy sweaters here), vintage fur stole, Frame jeans (shop more Frame here), LL Bean boots
Zara top (similar here and here), Frame jeans, Lewit flats (on super sale!)



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