My Only New Year’s Resolution

I want to keep it simple this year and only strive to be mindful of something that seems so small yet could have a major impact on my life.  Patience.  I need more of it.  I need to pause before I react.  I need to be patient with others and even with myself.  There have been times when my impatience has worked in my favor–my career comes to mind.  But largely, it doesn’t work in my favor and seems to just make me unhappy and frustrated.  Whether it’s losing my patience and yelling at the kids, beating myself up for mistakes at work or taking out frustrations on my family and friends, a little patience in these situations would go a long way.  It’s a vicious cycle really; I become impatient, lash out, feel guilty, overcompensate and it begins all over again.  Maybe an ounce of patience could even help me from the road rage I experience driving in downtown Chicago (it’s real).   This push for patience is honestly even applicable to my blogging life; I’ve been blogging a long time and while it has become more than a hobby for me, I do it because I enjoy it.  I’m proud of what I’ve created but as blogging has become its own industry, I get a little disheartened and impatient with myself when I don’t see myself as successful as others.  Sometimes I think that cycle holds me back.

So what happens when I practice a little patience?  I’m not sure but I’m betting cognitive awareness is the first step.  I think calmly disciplining my kids will make for a happier dynamic and that holding my tongue from a sharp retort will hurt less feelings, create less remorse from me and in turn, foster better relationships.  And maybe, most importantly, I will get a better butt because I’ll be more likely to stick to these workouts I’ve been doing!  (My mom butt also has to go in 2018.)


  1. I so enjoy your blog- your sense of fashion, your honesty- I don’t miss it- have a great 2018- none of us are perfect…but if we can look inside & articulate our failings, we’re ahead. Being a working mom of 2 young children is hard- never beat yourself up- all the best

  2. Jennifer henderson says:

    The deal with patience is that wanting to acquire it only begets plentiful opportunities to exercise that muscle.

    As far as the blogging goes, I wonder what the next big thing will be.

  3. Try TM (Transcental Meditation). It’s more than mindfulness, and I’ve found it works for me. There’s a Chicago center right downtown.

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