Camel + Wine (See Jane Wear)

ASOS coat, ASOS sweater (similar), Zara skirt (similar), vintage Frye boots (similar),
Chanel bag, Ray Ban mirrored aviators

Remember knee-high boots?  Not over the knee or ankle, but good old knee-high boots?  I do, but it’s been awhile since I’ve worn them.  This particular pair are my mom’s from the 70s; I love the burgundy hue on them and the walkable heel height.  And best of all?  They’re a little unpredictable–at least when it comes to my own boot-wearing.


  1. I think above all else, Frye boots are passed down the most from mother to daughter (I know my mom has a few great pairs that I'm still waiting on for her to share with me!). That part really eventually convinced me to buy a pair a few years ago, and hopefully some day I'll be able to pass those down to my own 🙂

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