After School Boy Blazer (See Jane Wear)

Zara sweater, PJK leather skirt (black version), vintage Gucci clutch, Gap boots (similar),
UO sunglasses (old but similar), Lips: NARS ‘dragon girl, Nails: Essie ‘After School Boy Blazer’

Yesterday was a perfect, cool day.  Of course, it’s supposed to be scorching again later this week, but for now, I’ll take the few days of fall while I can.  It’s clear I was inspired by my nail color, Essie’s “After School Boy Blazer.”  Navy hues always work, in my personal opinion, but it never fails to remind me of my high school uniform.  In fact, our uniform consisted of a navy crewneck sweater and a matching, pleated kilt; perhaps that’s why I’m so comfortable in this tonal outfit.

Did anyone else wear uniforms in high school?


  1. Not in high school. But strangely the public middle school that I went to for one year, I had to wear black pants and a white top. Your outfit looks nice (but the skirt is too short for school though). I love the sweater.

  2. what a great outfit!! Do you mind me asking how tall you are and what size you purchased in the Zara sweater- it's in my shopping bag in both small and medium! thanks 🙂

  3. This looks fantastic on you and I'm totally inspired to create a similar look.
    I didn't have a school uniform in highschool but always wished I did. I think I could have rocked a kilt 🙂

  4. Love this outfit! I have a school uniform as a sophomore in high school (khaki skirt, white button down and blazer) but this outfit brings me back to my middle school days of a navy sweater and a plaid skirt! Love love love the sweater, I think I need it!

  5. I'm loving everything about this outfit!

    Navy keeps catching my eye this season, but I always love a good oversized sweater as well.

    xoxo Jackie

  6. I love the Zara sweater! It looks great on you. Afraid the length would look strange on me! Would love to know if you have any suggestions on a similar look with a shorter length!

  7. I love this combination! It's perfect for early fall when it's not too cool yet. Luckily I didn't have to wear uniforms in school but hey, people who wear them turn out alright, right?


  8. I didn't wear a uniform but we had a dress code at my school. Let's just say I got in trouble quite often for not "following" the rules. I mean when you are into fashion how can you not want to try and stand out from the sea of khaki pants and white button ups?

    jane this is a super cute outfit on you though.

    xx ALecia

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