Two Become One (See Jane Layer)

Zara jacket, BB Dakota vest (old but similar), Theory scarf (old), DL1961 jeans

Here’s a quick Sunday night post as my body is confused (what day is it?) by this sudden darkness we aptly call “daylight savings.”  It’s November; winter is basically here, so it’s time to bust out the fur.  You know how I love anything leather so thought I’d throw on my trusty vest over my leather-sleeved jacket (I did this repeatedly last year with the same vest).  Verdict: I stayed warm.


  1. Yes, day light saving is such a strange animal. It's takes place at all different times around the world/not at all!

    I'm in the Midwest and we've already had our first snow!

    I'm a longtime reader and first-time commenter here at See Jane. I would greatly appreciate it if you'd check out my blog

    Cheers to staying warm!

  2. As a animal lover and vegatarian that vest makes me gag. I hope you have disposed of it by now, to wear fur is deplorable!!! They are skinned alive while they scream in pain. I would not wear that ugly vest if it was the last vest on earth. I would never promote suffering of a innocent animal. Shame!!

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