Extra Pep (See Jane Wear)

Zara jacket (and top underneath), Gap chinos (old), Pour la Victoire wedges, Karen Walker sunglasses, Giles & Brother bracelet

I doubled up on the peplum tops today, even if you can’t see the one underneath.  I totally thought it was ‘light jacket’ weather this morning when I went to work but as the day progressed, I silently scoffed for subjecting myself to additional layers.  With the little cold front we’ve experienced the past few days, I guess I forgot it was mid-August.  What can I say?  Live and learn.


  1. Ugh…I live in the Chicago area too and totally did the same thing. Not only did I put myself in an outfit for for fall, I also decided to dress my children in them. Hot kids, hot mom, hot mess. Yuck. Thank goodness fall is coming though, because outfits like yours need to be worn in a sweat free zone:)


  2. love that jacket from zara, jane! i've been eyeing for couple of weeks. i just need to get it before it's sold out in my size. but i have 10 other things in my cart i've been dying to purchase. decisions. decisions.

    but i really love how you wore it with bright trousers!


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