Multipurpose (See Jane Wear…Again)

Marc by Marc Jacobs coat, Vince sweater coat, Gap pants, Zara top + boots, Karen Walker sunglasses

I like this coat…a lot; however, it’s not very warm.  I added my beloved, long sweater coat (otherwise known as ‘the housecoat) for extra warmth underneath and I must say that I’m liking the light/dark contrast.  It almost looks like a whole, new coat–who knew?


  1. It does look like a whole new coat – in fact, I thought that the contrast was part of the same coat! Those blue jeans are so pretty too. How are they with retaining their shape? I've been longing for a pair of J.Brand Japanese twill denim in this colour but I a) can't find them anywhere and b) I don't know if I want to spend so much!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I love seeing bloggers post outfits that are more for every day, like this one. Sometimes we get overloaded with accessories, and the outfits look very editorial-worthy but you have to wonder where the blogger is going dressed like that 🙂 You look great!

  3. Love the contrast of the bright cobalt blue against the white and black!

    That coat is fabulous, too bad it's not warm enough, but makes for excellent layering opportunities 😉

  4. Kinda bums me out that the coat isn't very warm. But it's beautiful. But then again, what does he design that ISN'T beautiful?

    Love the colored denim. I think cobalt is the perfect color for the trend. Because, you know, it's blue… 🙂 I need to get a pair. As much as I like the other colors I've seen, I know I would wear the cobalt all the time.

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