Flood (See Jane Wear)

 J Crew top, scarf + shoes, Gap pants, drugstore umbrella (fancy)

Business casual isn’t all pencil skirts and cardigans–at least, it doesn’t have to be.  A slim pair of pants paired with a silky blouse is just as professional as an oxford and skirt.  To edge it up (I push the limits in the corporate world), I added leather cutout booties and a bright fuchsia scarf.  A slim, cropped pair of pants may be one of the most versatile items in a wardrobe.  Whether dressed up at work with this olive blouse or down on the weekend with an over-sized blouse and ballet flats, I wear them more than I’d like to admit and find myself always gravitating towards them when I’m running late before work.


  1. Tres Adorable – I constant work look as well – except normally ballet flats for commuting & I'm lucky if I actually change into the heels! (I don't see a soul at work!)

    ps- Can't wait to see your cuteness tomorrow! 😉

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