Blending In (See Jane Wear)

Zara sweater, H&M blouse, J Crew pants, Kohls heels, LV bag

Remember how I spoke of bold, bright colors yesterday?  Well, here is a prime example of how I’m not quite giving up my love for neutrals just yet.  This is actually a real-life work outfit–computer bag and all.  It’s a little safe, a tad boring, but that’s what one must sacrifice when employed at a conservative workplace.  I’d be lying if I said looking great at work was a top priority for me; I like to sleep in as much as I possibly can.  Because of this affinity for sleep, I opted to try Beth Jones’ “Carrie Bun” which was super quick and easy (it doesn’t look as good as hers…I have finer hair and I imagine it would work better for gals with thicker locks).  I used to keep my ponytails as work on the lower end, but now I’m venturing out and going higher and higher.  It’s my own little way of rebelling against the strict tendencies of corporate America.

Do you get gussied up for work?


  1. Such a cute outfit – I don't think it's boring at all, and I am digging the hills!

    I will def be trying the carrie bradshaw bun tonight!

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. LOVE it, these are my EXACT work outfit!!! I have one on very similar today!

    And I have that same bag! Goodness girl, who are we! HA! Lets do shopping or mani's soon!

  3. I love the neutrals and I am the exact same way for work. I put minimal effort into it and I try not to "stand out" in any way because I work at a conservative company. I love your coral blouse with the striped sweater! And your Carrie bun looks great! I need to try that.

  4. i wish i got super jazzy for work, but like you i love sleeping in!

    i usually go for neutrals and if i want to get crazy i will put on a bright scarf or cardigan or whatever.

    i wish i was stylish like anh from 9to5 chic but i feel like it depends on where you work? my job is pretty conservative so it's suits and what not for me. i try to find as many ways to get a feminine blazer as possible.

  5. I love this outfit! It's perfect for the spring weather and effortlessly chic. Even though my office has a casual dress policy I always feel more together when I dress professionally.

    That being said I'm not one to sacrifice sleeping in (until the last possible minute) for fashion. I can't wait to try the Carrie Bun, it seems like a perfect and easy solution to my morning hair quandaries.

  6. I LOVE this look! I wouldn't call this boring at all! It's more put together than I even dress to work! I am like you I want every second of sleep that I can get.
    I even bought one of those rolling rack things to plan out my outfits like every Sunday so I could put more thought into what I wear instead of slapping on whatever is close!

  7. I really can't believe that you consider this outfit boring because this is the type of outfit I love to wear and I am actually wearing something very similar to right now but in a different color palette.

  8. This is great! I always love your outfits.

    I get so tired of dressing for work, I seem to wear the same (conservative) clothes all the time. It gets quite boring! And like you, I like to sleep in as much as possible!

  9. Oooh now this is cute on you and not too work-y. I feel like the bow and color of blouse in combo with the stripes kind of keeps it fun. Looking good!

    I'm so happy I don't have to dress up for work. I'd be so late every day.


  10. I think this is an adorable work outfit! My work outfits vary greatly now that I work from home. Dresses some days, yoga pants some days, and today I'm even wearing jeans (RARELY happens!) And I love the carrie bun on you!! I've been meaning to try it for ages, but like you, I have fine hair and I'm not sure it would work! But I love it on you!

  11. This outfit is not boring at allll i love it so chic and classy you look really stunning!!!
    actually in my job we don't have a strict dress code you can pretty much wear anything besides pyjamas and bikinis it's cool but i have to do simple comfy outfits most of the time because i'm always running from school to work and vice versa ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love your tie neck blouse and I think the bun looks awesome!

    I always try and dress nicely for work, but I don't always style my hair as nicely as I would like, because I share in your affinity for sleep.

  13. You always look so pulled together. Love this outfit.

    I do dress up for work, even though no one sees me I like to feel like I look nice. It puts me in a better mood ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You're adorable! This is such a cute, stylish work outfit. Now, call me crazy – but working from home makes me a little sad because i don't have the same excuse to get dressed up and put together everyday. While it's nice to throw on jeans and a tshirt – sometimes you want to look smart and polished like this! Here's to more days working from home dressed like this!

  15. This is such a cute look! I'm a new reader, I just found you through bloglovin (apparently our blogs are similar? I wish haha!) Your pink lipstick is really fun. I get dressed up for certain days at work, and other days if I"m not meeting with any clients or families I just wear whatever I feel like. I'm lucky that it's pretty flexible.


  16. completely in love with this look! Perfection, from head to toe—you look amazing!

    And to answer your questions, I am a college senior graduating in May, so my work wardrobe is only a bunch of thoughts (and good looks like this!) You are an inspiration though!

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