Addicted (See Jane Wear)

Club Monaco blouse (worn here), thrifted cardigan, Theory pants (very old), Chanel flats, no-name necklace, sister’s Raen sunglasses

I’m currently not traveling for work right now (I miss you, though, San Francisco!) so I’m able to take pictures during the week; thus, another work outfit is on display for you.  What’s even better is that it stays light so much later so I’m able to take the photos after I get home.  Although I’ll most likely be traveling again soon, a break from the airport and hotels is a welcome break, indeed.

Ever since I first experimented with the B Jones ‘Carrie bun,’ I became addicted (case in point here and here).  Sure, I like to wear my hair up in various ways, but this discovery was some sort of awakening for me.  I wear my hair up a few times during the work week so I don’t have to wash it so often (keeps color in tact and I just feel like it’s better to wash it less) and this is easily my new favorite ‘do.

Would you like to see more of my work-friendly outfits or are they putting you to sleep?  Disclaimer:  you have no idea how much I wish I didn’t have to adhere to a business-casual dress code.


  1. if only I had more hair for a fun carrie bun! Uggh thin/fine hair gets me again.

    on any case you look amazingly chic!I adore the blouse/ cardigan and bun, Tres chic!

    I'm Sad our paths never crossed when you were in SF, however I have a feeling they cross at somepoint in the future!
    Amber's Notebook

  2. Love the B Jones 'Carrie bun". And it looks fabulous on you. I am currently growing out my hair but every so often, I want to cut it all off, but I have a goal, to get my hair long enough to try the 'Carrie bun'.

  3. You look fantastic! i love the shirt, it's fun and grown-up all at the same time. And aren't B Jones hair tutorials awesome? I became addicted to the 'puff it up' one she did a few months back. it's amazing how a simple change in hair-do can make you feel fancy πŸ™‚


  4. I'm known as the office fashionista, but new inspiration is always helpful. I really enjoy your work-inspired outfits and can't wait to try some of your ideas!

  5. I really like your outfit. You do the Carrie bun really well! I work from my home office now and sometimes I have to force myself to wear something other than sweat pants. I miss the office life and being part of the office fashion scene. Do you ever travel to the Minneapolis area?

  6. I love the "Carrie bun" and have been wearing it to work lately a lot too. I also have to wear business casual clothes to work and would prefer I didn't. But I love this outfit, those pants are fab.

  7. i LOVE your office looks! i have to be conservative as well, and it's hard to find bloggers in the fashion world that showcase their office looks! thank you! you are fabulous!

  8. I love the business outfits. Keep them coming. Seriously. I also have to stick to business casual (in San Francisco) and between the weather and the dress code,I REALLY need the inspiration.

  9. I love seeing your work-friendly outfits!! helps to see how to look cute even when you have a business-casual dress code because somethings things can get boring.

  10. I am currently in law school in Chicago. I have had a difficult time adjusting the the business dress code, and I find your business attire very aspiring.

    Also, you truly should have won the Refinery Style Blogger challenge. I feel that the Midwestern aesthetic that is part practicality, 100% style hasn't quite caught on yet nationally. However, as a Chicago resident I find all of your outfits rather inspiring. Keep up the good work.

  11. Post more work outfits please! I think it's actually really nice to see put-together pretty but still stylish work out fits. I always need more inspiration for work outfits and it definitely is more tricky to balance propriety with style than weekend ware.

  12. I LOVE this outfit! Just found your blog via A Lovely Escape. I'm moving to Chicago in June and I work in Education, also! Very excited to follow along.

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