Outtakes (See Jane Nix)

If I snap pictures of an outfit, there are always certain ones that don’t make the cut.   While these aren’t necessarily bad (the best of the outtakes, if you will), trust me when I tell you that there are some that are downright scary.  Well, you’ll never get to see the scary pictures–sorry, but I want you all to continue to read my blog.

 And lastly, a first for me:  here is an outfit that will never make the blog.  This is the first (and hopefully will be the only) time I’ve taken pictures of an outfit that I won’t post.  It was New Years Day (who looks good the day after NYE?), the wind was howling, my nails were chipped and a hair cut/color was desperately needed (finally got my hair done on Tuesday).  We all have those days, right?  Here is a glimpse of the outfit you’re not going to see in its entirety; the rest of the evidence has been deleted.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your outtakes are so cute! You even look amazing on New Year's Day. I think I have those same sunglasses you're wearing. My outtakes are definitely scary at times! Have a great weekend, Anna Jane!


  2. @everyone – you are all seriously so nice. I definitely wasn't fishing for compliments, but I made the 'no-show outfit' picture as flattering as possible!

    @carrie – I definitely CAN take a bad picture. trust me, we shouldn't go there 🙂

  3. that last outfit looks pretty good from what you've shown, but as a fellow blogger (and photoblogger) i understand where you're coming from with the outtakes.

    although, this is a pretty rad idea for a post :]

  4. Oh, even your outtakes are beautiful! I hear you though, I have so many pictures that are terrrrrible, haha, and I would never want floating around the internet! Still love that first outfit!! Love all of these outfits, actually! xo.

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