Mac ‘n Cheese + Holiday (See Jane Recap)

This past week was spent at my parents’ house in Ohio, where time goes by slowly and the refrigerator is perpetually stocked.  Thanksgiving was fantastic and much quality time was spent with my parents, siblings, and adorably mischievous nephews.  I’m still in holiday mode and I don’t see myself snapping out of it until 2011.

To keep the holiday spirit going, may I recommend a delicious mac ‘n cheese recipe?  I ended up making this for Thanksgiving and I think this dish may have officially made the roster for holidays to come.

I also need to get on the ball with gift buying.  Luckily, so many great bloggers like Nikki, Alicia, and Taylor have already put together great gift guides–I’ll definitely be referencing them in the upcoming weeks! 


  1. Wow that looks sooo much better than the one I sent! I am trying this like NOWW!!!! And Thank you TIMES a MILLION for referencing me! I am using Nikki's gift guide too, for shopping!!!

  2. YUM, Anna this looks insane. I love mac 'n cheese and so this is so tempting right now. Thanks for mentioning the holiday guides! Glad you like, I have to get moving with my shopping too.


  3. Mac & cheese might be my favorite meal/dish in the world. Yours looks excellent. I've never seen it made with a crumbled baguette, but what a great idea! Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect.


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