First Day of Fall (See Jane Change)

When I got this tan leather jacket a few months back, I hung it at the front of my closet just waiting for the day it would be cool enough outside to wear it.  That’s the blessing and the curse of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale–you can buy fall items for a significant discount, but unfortunately, you won’t get to wear it for awhile.  The wind blew in a chilly day this past weekend and I finally got to wear my new favorite jacket. 

Kenna-T jacket, H&M dress, Kate Spade shoes
It’s officially fall!  Time for layers and all things pumpkin (speaking of, check out my friend’s pumpkin recipes–I’ve tried them and they’re delicious).


  1. Hello! Love LOVE LOVE that outfit. I am a BIG fan of stripes, and of course the leather jacket brings it together perfectly.
    My boyfriend, Jake Adams (one of your fiance's friends from Miami) introduced me to your blog! He was so excited to share it with me, because I too blog and love fashion as well. (He also spoke highly of that fiance of yours.)
    Anywho, you are now on my favs! Keep up the good work!

  2. OMG. I know that's so junior high, but I can't help it.

    You look completely smashing. I love the stripes under the jacket and you have the best legs ever in all the land. I can see why you like the way your outfit pictures turn out! Flawless!!


  3. That jacket is beautiful!!! I'm totally envious of it. I've been looking for a brown leather jacket for YEARS. You scored with that one. And happy birthday to your fiance!


  4. I've been dying for a leather (or pleather) jacket in that camel color! I love the way it blends in as well as makes a statement. Cute! Lucky girl, too! I love the Nordstrom sales 🙂

  5. I love this whole look, it's beginning of fall perfection. I want your jacket. And your dress. And I wouldn't say no to your shoes, either. Jusssst saying.

    No, I actually don't have a remote because I use a little point and shoot. I'm working on getting one tho, I think it would make a difference!

  6. I've been feeling the same way. It's a waiting game!! Just waiting for it to be cool enough to bust out my leather jacket. I finally brought it out today (possibly a bit too early because I spent the day sweatttting!!). Yours looks incredibly. I finally found my dream black leather jacket, and now here I am wishing for a brown one too….! Look what you've done!

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