American Girl in Paris (See Jane Speak French)

The weather in Paris was refreshingly cooler than the other cities on my trip.  I welcomed the sunny, 68 degree days with open arms.  Finally, the one jacket I  packed (but almost forgot) came in handy.  The weather in Paris also convinced me to buy these gray booties at Zara–I ended up wearing them almost every day while there.  I especially love that they remind me of boots that John Lennon would wear circa 1965, or “Beatles Boots” as my dad calls them.  Happiness is a new shoe.

H&M jacket, socks + scarf, J Crew tank + skirt, Zara boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag


  1. Love the simple, clean look you have! I'm wanting to say that it's very parsienne but I've never been, so what do I know?? The boots are super cute and I'm really jealous that you can rock short boots with your legs looking so long and thin!! I love my short boots, but they def don't do that for my legs, lol.

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. Kiley was talking up your blog yesterday and the IFB conference, spread the word about how amazing it is 🙂 I am agreeable to that! Glad to see you are back and the pictures are amazing! 🙂

    xo Lynzy

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