Month: September 2010

Channeling Jasmine (See Jane Shrug)

Just when I thought harem pants were fading away into oblivion, my trip to Paris last month totally proved me wrong.  Not only were the très chic Parisians donning these silky, billowy bottoms, but they wore them in an array of prints.  Now, I have a pair of harem-esque (emphasis on the esque) black Theory pants […]

Salted Caramel Brownies (See Jane Bake)

I’m admittedly not much of a baker.  Given the choice, I’d much rather cook a dinner than bake a batch of cookies.  I think a lot of that is due to the fact that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.  When I was little, all I wanted was sugar and ice cream but […]

Wanted: Stunt Double (See Jane Search)

I love everything about these shoes, except two things: the price and the platform.  I understand the need for extra heel height, but being the pragmatic girl I am, I know it’ll be hard for me to get around in these kicks.  I’d also prefer not to be 6’5″ in my shoes. I’m pretty good […]

Per-suede Me (See Jane Ask)

I’m in some dire need of some styling tips.  I bought these boots at Zara in France (i.e. returns unlikely) and while I really like them, I’m not sure how to wear them.  In fact, a friend even noticed them in my closet and said that she liked them but wasn’t sure if I’d wear […]