Simplicity Speaks (See Jane Stripe)

I saw this silky, striped skirt at H&M last week and it was love at first sight.  Not only was it the right length, style, and price ($30), but I can see myself wearing it a variety of ways.  Shown below is the most obvious and classic way, but that was my mood.  No frills – just letting the skirt speak for itself.  I also envision wearing this skirt in the fall – perhaps with a belted chambray shirt and a pair of short brown boots (with socks).  Here, paired with two simple and layered tanks and a pair of suede pumps, I realized it was the easiest decision I’d made all week.

 H&M top, skirt, and belt, J Crew shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses

Will you do stripes in the fall?


  1. Love this skirt! One of my friends has the same one actually. I absolutely plan on wearing stripes this fall, and winter and then next spring too.

    Xoxo, Ashley

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt! I agree, this could be worn so many ways. I'm heading to H&M this weekend in the hopes of finding it too! I'm loving stripes and will definitely be wearing them for Fall.


  3. OMG ridiculous. hot. sass. adorable. take me away to stripe world. i'm not kidding. you have to haul that thing to paris. take the shoes, too. oprah had them on yesterday and you have singlehandedly blown her out of the water.

    Anna Jane. seriously. this is awesome.


  4. Fun skirt!! I've been averse to stripes for a long time, I thought they wouldn't be flattering, but this season I've embraced them full force. I don't see the stripy things in my wardrobe being put away anytime soon!! So, I thought you would appreciate this, I just took my first set of outfit pics with the new camera, and I was BLOWN AWAY. The difference with the DSLR is amazing. Thank you again for your help with my research!

  5. Wow, that IS a gorgeous skirt. I do think I'll do something striped this fall, I was eyeing a long charcoal grey sweater with maroon stripes…its long enough to worn as a dress with tights.

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