You Won’t Believe These Jeans Are Under $30 (And Sustainable!)

Free Assembly Jeans

Team back to real clothes, here!  But really, I’m back.  Maybe not completely back into my normal jeans from pre-pregnancy, but back into my size up jeans!  I ordered some denim from Free Assembly via Walmart and they honestly remind me of Madewell jeans.   They’re flattering and feel really good on–and they’re $27!  You read that right.  And another fun fact: Free Assembly is committed to sustainability with responsible sourcing and considered design.  Plus, the denim is made from mostly organic cotton!  I’ve never seen organic denim for under $30.

The whole Free Assembly line at Walmart is stylish, minimalistic, and also super affordable–I’m extremely impressed! And the sustainable factor makes you feel good about what you’re buying, too.

Free Assembly Pieces

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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