Target Tuesday (+ 5 Other Thoughts)

Happy Target Tuesday!  I’ll be sure to share ext week what I’ve ordered from Target lately (some spring break stuff!)

Target Tuesday + 5 Other Thoughts I’m thinking about lately…

  • Ok, so I loved the halftime show but I need everyone to stop acting like it was some sort of Millennial-centric affair.  Dr. Dre?  Snoop Dogg?  Those are some Gen X jamz if I ever heard them.  Uh, my parents weren’t letting me listen to Gin N Juice in 1994 (I listened to it LATER, on my DIY mix CDs, ha).  I’m an OLD millennial (1984) and I was like 10 when Dre and Snoop emerged (but I still know all the songs because I know what’s good 🙂. As for Enimem, 50 cent–YES, us TRL millennials love that but this was a Gen X/Millennial affair for certain.  Most millennials are like 30…right?!  (Liked this tweet round up, though)
  • The amazing gel ink pens continue to amaze my influencer friends on IG.  I discovered them at the passport office–they’re AMAZING.
  • Do people know about Natrium at Target?  Randomly ordered this $16 face wash and it smells like a very expensive spa (and doesn’t dry out my skin!)
  • Maybe you heard me saying I could NOT find jumbo shells for my beloved 90s Olive Garden fav: stuffed shells.  But apparently, there’s a pasta shortage due to unusual weather patterns aka climate change (awesome)–it’s because of the durum wheat.
  • If you’re worried about the future of civilization after a tumultuous past couple years like I am (not to get too deep but damn…!), you might enjoy this podcast episode with ZDoggMD and Daniel Schmachtenberger (contributor of the Social Dilemma film) who talks about how we approach the future of divisional social media, our health care system, and even democracy.


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