My Goals As a Blogger (and why I don’t like the word ‘Influencer’)

Do you ever wonder what bloggers or people in this digital influence space want out of this career long-term?  Or maybe you’re a blogger yourself and am wondering what’s next for you.  I’m always so interested in people’s 10-year plans (probably because it slightly scares me to think so critically about the future) and because this is such a booming and fast-changing industry, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned, what I want and what I see myself doing in the future. My goal has never been fame–I want longevity.  I think that’s a misnomer in the blogging community–that you’re starting a blog to go viral on the internet or some insta-famous influencer and while some may seek that, my purpose has always been to explore my passions and write.

(Also as an aside, can I just say that I despise the word ‘influencer?’  I don’t see it going anywhere, but the terms grates me, probably because plenty of people have influence without having a social media following. Plus, just because someone HAS a social media following doesn’t mean they have influence.  Ok, I’m ranting but the term has bugged me for awhile so I wanted to get it off my chest.  Blogger isn’t a great word either, by the way.  OKAY, I digress–on to my goals.)

A long-term career in the fashion industry

I started this blog as a passion project.  I loved fashion, but I worked in finance.  How would I make the transition?  For starters, I started to explore the subject I’m passionate about.  I read other blogs and saw interior and food lovers doing the same thing; the big thing back when I started blogging was getting a book deal and that seemed so far-fetched to me, so I dipped my toe into the world of internet sharing.  Every week day, I started writing about and documenting my style.  I was in a long-term relationship and already traveling a ton for my job, so ditching my life to be an entry-level position at a magazine in NYC when I was making a great salary in Chicago, didn’t seem feasible.  And I wasn’t completely ready to start over quite yet.  The blog seemed like a great way to test the waters.  As it progressed, I viewed it as a resume of sorts.  I work with brands, I get to write about what I love and I’m able to diversify my interests–all because I own this platform.  Do I think I’ll be documenting my #OOTDs in the next decade?  Most likely not, but I don’t see this particular platform going away anytime soon–and I don’t necessarily want it to as I’ve worked really hard on it over the years.

Licensing opportunties + collaborations

This may seem a ways off but I’d love to work with brands on capsule collections that are offered on a limited basis.  One of my dreams is to help curate a little boys’ line because I think most little boys’ clothes are lacking compared to their little girls’ counterparts.  I’m a curator by nature–that’s essentially what I’ve been doing on my blog awn what I did at my last full-time job, so I think it’d be a seamless transition for me.  The influencer marketing strategy isn’t going away anytime soon and I’d love to leverage this platform along with what I learned working in the retail industry to get ahead of the curve.  I’d love to put some deeper creativity and strategy behind these partnerships and work with more brands long-term that could be beneficial for both of us.

Continued networking + community

I’ve met a lot of awesome people through blogging.  Because I’ve worked throughout 99% of my blog’s tenure, I haven’t had as many opportunities to go on trips at the drop of a hat or make it to events around the country.  Even though I’m no longer at my 9-5, it’s still tough given I have a couple kids at home, but it’s still amazing how many people I’ve connected with now that it’s my job to do so.  Also, I love chatting with readers!  It’s awesome to hear why you read, your renovation journeys, the fact that you also bought that bag and loved it or that you, too, have lost someone close to you.  All of these connections are meaningful and I don’t take it for granted.  I even hired people at my last job that found me through my blog – it’s a crazy how much blogs connect people.

I hope this helps you better understand why I do what I do or how my blog has evolved over the years.  I’ve mentioned (when I told you about my career change) that I also have another project in the works–it’s moving along, just a little slower than anticipated.  This blog is a great segue into working on that project, though…I’m going to have to greatly rely what I’ve learned from this side-hustle.  Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of my journey and I’m proud to say that starting this blog was the catalyst that set me in motion to work in fashion.  So no matter where my career takes me, I hope to continue to utilize this platform in some capacity because, after all, the blog is where it all began.

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