Recent H&M Items and a Few Sales

Did you catch my instagram stories yesterday?  You all love my H&M try-ons (they’re pretty small…I don’t want to overwhelm anyone) and they’re actually running a sale for just today.  I wanted to share a few items plus a handful of sales from around the web (including some stuff I currently own!).  Enjoy! H&M – […]

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Foundations of a Classic Wardrobe

People always ask (and I’m always willing to share) how I built my wardrobe.  They ask how am I still wearing  things I bought years ago.  Or they ask how I decide what will be good for the long haul.  Well, it’s a little bit luck and a little bit strategic.  Also, I know I’ve […]

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midi skirt style

How to Style a Midi Skirt

Well, we are coming up on the end of the year–nay, the end of the decade!  Can you even believe it?  So, let’s round out this decade with a tribute to the midi skirt.  The midi skirt reminds me of blogging in general–it’s really come up in the world and has long been a hit […]

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turtleneck sweater dress

Three Winter Dresses

The idea of winter might cozy spark images of sweaters and mittens but my mind often goes to a fantastic dress.  Today I’m showcasing three winter dresses from ModCloth–they’re all different and are perfect for several winter occasions.  Take this turtleneck sweater dress–it’s soft, chic, and perfect for a cold winter night!  I was seriously […]

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