Real Outfit Recap


Real Outfit recaps are ESSENTIAL during the late winter because we all become so sick of our clothes and want to buy warm weather pieces but what if you’re not going anywhere warm!?  It’s a great time to buy fall/winter at a deep discount but it’s also an opportunity to SHOP YOUR CLOSET.  Find new way to wear your clothes.  Mix it up.  Dig something out that you haven’t seen in awhile (like the plaid Apparis coat above that I found when I was preparing my attic for a little reno).

Real Outfit Recap

This week, I encourage your to find something in your closet that’s old and wear it.  If you can’t stand to wear it, it’s time to get rid of it and send it on its way to someone who will wear it.  Rinse and repeat.

woman in stripe sweater and pants for Real Outfit Recap

Faherty sweater (code ANNA20 works for 20% off), Faherty pants, Chanel flats, Khaite bag

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