Sweater Roundup


Iiiiiiiiiit’s sweater season!  Well, technically it’s been sweater season for awhile here in Chicago, but my audience seems to echo my sentiments and loves a good sweater.  These are mostly Amazon sweaters as I did a try-on with my friend Shaheen (follow her!) this past weekend, but I also threw in an Everlane sweater I’ve been living in.  Sizing is all below–enjoy!

  1. Everlane camel turtleneck sweater ($135)- wearing a medium and it’s perfectly oversized and cozy!  Not itchy at ALL.
  2. Amazon black turtleneck sweater ($35) – wearing a small.
  3. Amazon sweater ($32) – wearing a medium and I think it’s just as good as the #1 best seller!
  4. Amazon olive turtleneck sweater ($40) – wearing a small
  5. Amazon Cable Stitch cozy mock sweater  ($60) – wearing a medium
  6. Amazon camel turtleneck tunic sweater ($40) – wearing a small

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