SNOO Review

Oh, the SNOO bassinet.  I don’t think I’ve ever received so many questions about a baby product before.  And I get it, it’s an investment and you are lured in by the promise of an amazing, sleeping baby.  There’s no two ways around it, the newborn days are tough.  Sleeping is minimal and you’d give just about anything for some shut eye. So, I’m here to give you the nitty gritty and a comprehensive SNOO review.

It goes without saying that I’m not here to offer medical advice, rather to give you my own perspective as a mom three times over.   It’s safe for sleep, but there are also other methods that are just as safe.  I did not have the SNOO for my first two boys so I can provide a little perspective on how it works with and without.

SNOO Review

The Good

  • Compact – The SNOO fit wonderfully next to my bed and still gave me room to walk to the bathroom at night.  It’s an average sized basinet.
  • Quiet – You hear a bit of white noise (it projects white noise) but as someone who requires white noise to sleep, it doesn’t bother me a bit!  We’re a household of white noise addicts.
  • Easy setup – It’s easy to set up, put together.
  • The app – The app is awesome for tracking your baby’s sleep and wake times.  It truly helps you get your baby on a schedule, too!
  • It WORKS! Again, every baby is different but I think it got us in a good routine for Bennett.  He WAS affected by the 4 month sleep month regression but we’re back to sleeping through the night.  Teddy was a tough sleeper from 0-6 months and I wish we would’ve had it for him!

The Bad

  • Transitions – took us a minute to get B in the SNOO.  It’s most likely my own fault and not wanting tot put him down so try and get your baby in it as much as possible at the beginning!  Naps included.
  • Didn’t always settle the baby – Perhaps I have the only baby that was PISSED when it was at max?  I made sure to put it on the “limited movement” setting because the movements just made him more mad, rather than settled him. 
  • The cost – It’s a pretty penny at $1,495 but again, if you have multiple and sell it when you’re done,  that’ll cut down on costs significantly (or buy it used!)

Would you buy the SNOO again?

I would definitely buy the SNOO used or rent it as I know this was my last kid.  If you’re about to have your first child and know you want more than one kid, it’s more worth the investment.  And you can EASILY re-sell it on facebook marketplace or mom groups tot recoup some costs.

SNOO Tips:

  • The transition out of the SNOO can be tough.  Bennett was out a little before 5 months because he was so long; I recommend getting a Zipadee Zip or Magic Merlin Sleep Suit to help adjust to the crib.  The Zipadee was for us because Bennett was a roller (Teddy loved it, too!  Harry was a Merlin baby).  Bennett has been rolling on to his stomach for sleep as soon as he got out of the SNOO and the Zipadee is safe for that!
  • Start naps in the SNOO sooner rather than later.  Don’t make the same mistake as me, ha.
  • When I was googling SNOO tips, I found the SNOO Life reddit thread and found it immensely helpful!
  • Again, check FB marketplace or with friends to buy them used.  You can also (randomly) find them inexpensive on Etsy.

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  • Thank you, I’m pregnant and am thinking about getting the Snoo.

    Do you have (ugh) diaper bag recommendations? I hate every single one I’ve found and am thinking about just using a normal bag that I like that has some room and is semi-easy to clean. Am I crazy?

    • I’ve actually never had a proper diaper bag–I just use a backpack or LL bean tote when I’m with the baby! Also check out MZ Wallace bags…easy to clean and great for carrying lots of baby stuff!

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