Fashion Q&A (Answering with a Few Shopbop Sale Picks)

You all LIVE for my weekly Q&As. So, I wanted to answer a few more and also incorporate the Shopbop sale that’s happening (use code STYLE)!  Also, I hope you like the mix of Shopbop (listed below) and other retailers (clickable photos below)…enjoy!

Q: I need a Baptism dress – help!

I would opt for a muted cream or white; however, you can’t go wrong with a pretty, simple dress!

For example, here are my Shopbop sale picks:

A few more picks below!

Q: On the other hand, December wedding–cocktail attire – what to wear?

We love some jewel tones and blacks.  Also, I think winter you can get FANCY.

A few more picks below!

Q: What do you wear under your One/Third jackets?

Ah, love this question!   So, check out these tanks, tees, and most recently….a tube top!

Shopbop sale picks:

In addition, here are a few more picks below!

Q: Engagement pictures in Ireland in November?

All I can think about is forest green.  Also, I’d go dress and boots or a great sweater and jeans!

Shopbop sale picks:

Also, here are few more picks below!

Q: So, what to wear in Vegas over 40?

Shopbop sale picks:

A few more picks below!

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