Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Classic style is in my bones.  On social media, I often get a lot of sassy comments complaining that my shirt or shoes are old and not shoppable but I have no qualms with that.  I don’t buy items that will only last a season; I want pieces in my closet that I’ll reach for over and over again.  However, I’m a wardrobe maximalist–I have a lot of clothes and I won’t try to hide that.  BUT because I had so many items in my closet for YEARS, I can help you build capsule wardrobe.

My hope when I buy an item is that I can wear it more than one way–think about that before you buy something (dresses can be tough, in this case, but just something to think about).

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Plaid blazer

I can’t think of anything more perfect for fall than a plaid blazer.  So, it just doesn’t go out of style and you’ll wear through winter. Moreover, see more plaid blazers to love:

Suede boots

 The bootie really emerged in the early 2010s and never looked back.  And we love her for it.  I love an ankle, mid, and knee-high suede bootie–pick your poison!  Other suede boots to love:

Mid-wash jeans

I’ve been LIVING in my AGOLDE straight-leg jeans.  They’re a great pair if you’re looking to explore the straight style.  More mid-wash jeans to love:

Cozy sweater

This could be be the biggest no-brainer on the list.  Of COURSE cozy sweaters are part of a fall capsule wardrobe.  Get ones you love and you’ll wear them forever.  More cozy knits to love:

Maxi dress

A great dress CAN be versatile.  Throw a sweater on top or even a jacket.  Wear it with flats or boots.  You CAN get mileage out of a great maxi dress.  See more gorgeous maxi dresses:

Statement blouses

Interesting tops can pull double duty; wear them alone with a myriad of pants and jeans and also wear them under jackets and sweaters! So, see more statement tops here:

Casual flats

 We’re sill flats obsessed. Also, we’ll wear them as much as we can until we have to wear socks and tights! See more flats here:

Trench coat

So, trench coats are my one of my favorite, classic pieces (see my ode to the trench here) and they’re perfect for transition weather!  See more trench coats here:

Layering tee

 I always get questions about good tees. So, sometimes you have to try different brands to find your favorite based on cut and fabric.  Also, few of my other faves tees are:

woman wearing white top and jeans from her Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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