The Trench Coat: A Wardrobe Essential

I remember like it was yesterday.  When I had my first grown-up job post-college as a management consultant, I wanted to invest in a Burberry trench coat.  I was working in San Francisco at the time (I basically lived there as I was there Monday – Thursday) and I wanted a classic light coat that would battle the elements.  I wanted Burberry because of the name but also because they basically invented the ready-to-wear trench.  I bought a classic, black, double-breasted Burberry trench (here it is on the blog back in 2013) with nova check lining at Bloomingdales during F&F so I could save 25% (probably opened a credit card , too, to save additionally–ha).  I remember, as a 23 year old, thinking “OMG I can’t believe I’m spending this much on a coat.  I’d better wear it every day.”  And I did, really.  I wore the hell out of that coat–and guess what, I still own it.  I still bust it out every spring and whenever I slip it on, I remember that feeling of when I purchased it 10 years ago.  Trench coats are here to stay and if you invest in one and take care of it, it’ll do the same for you.

Five Trench Coats at All Price Points

Burberry classic trench coat– Often imitated but it doesn’t get better than this.  I’ve never had so much as a button pop off of mine.

Everlane trench coat – My current favorite–been grabbing it all the time.  The price point is INSANE and it’s really well-made…how’d they do that?

London Fog hooded trench – What makes a trenchcoat even better?  A hood (it IS a rain coat, after all).

Joie trench coat – Love the sleeve detail and the mid-price point.

& Other Stories trench – Classic details, awesome price point and comes in black (which is rare at this price point!)

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