Everlane Try-On: Best of Fall

everlane try-on review
Everlane blazer, Ann Taylor sweater, Frame jeans, Chanel shoes

I loved all the feedback I received from the H&M sweater try-on (also, I ended up keeping all the sweaters except the color blocked one–my sister bought that one from me).  I received a few requests for an Everlane try-on because 1.) I wear it a lot and 2.) those who haven’t worn it wanted to know how it fits and if the quality is up to snuff.  I’m a huge fan of it and have been for several years.  (Also be sure to check out their new ReNew initiative – I love that puffer!)

Blazer – wearing a 2, it’s a traditional fitted blazer.

ReNew fleece sweatshirt (beige) – wearing a small (and this photo was taken AFTER I washed/dried it–no shrinkage!)

Ribbed cashmere sweater (grey) – wearing a small and I also received questions about how it pills.  I have some Everlane cashmere from last year and it holds up well!  It does pill a bit, but nothing my sweater shaver can’t handle.  It’s very similar to my Vince pieces.

Hi-rise stretch denim (faded black) – TTS – wearing 26; received a question about stretching out and they don’t seem to stretch out for me (maybe it’s the high-rise?). I do feel like most of my stretchy jeans stretch out a bit after a few wears, but I also have no butt, so that probably has something to do with it (working on it!).

Classic trench – wearing a small (see my review here…I’ve had this for a long time)

Squared chelsea boots – TTS..the squared off toe is a nice departure from my pointy boots (and comfy – the first time I wore them I walked two miles in the city!)

Camel cashmere turtleneck – wearing a small, nice and fitted (but not too tight)

Wool mini skirt – wearing a 2..can’t wait to wear it with tights!

Wide leg crop pants – my favorite pants this past year–I have them in two colors and whenever I wear them, someone compliments them.  TTS (I wear a 2) and I wear them with flats, boots, sandals, you name it!

Please note that I own all these pieces!  Some are old, some are new, but they’re all in my closet and not going back.

everlane try-on review
Everlane ReNew sweatshirt, Ann Taylor pants (worn here), Greats tennis shoes
everlane try-on review
Everlane cashmere sweater, Everlane trench, Everlane jeans, Everlane boots
everlane try-on review
Everlane trench, Everlane cashmere turtleneck, Everlane skirt, Sol Sana boots
everlane try-on review
Everlane turtleneck, Everlane wide leg crop pants, Avec Les Filles coat, Sol Sana boots




    • it runs pretty long, I think you actually could! I might buy it, take it to the tailor to ask their opinion, and if it doesn’t work just return it. If you could hem it, it’s totally worth it given the price point!

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