Three Easy Ways to Wear Everlane Basics

For this month’s post with Everlane, I thought I’d share some quick mirror selfies of outfits I’ve been wearing lately.  I’m all about the Everlane basics for any occasion.  On Instagram, I get a LOT of questions about these brown western booties–I’ve been wearing them a ton and they’re super comfortable. 

Everlane has been a great partnership for me over the past year and I’m proud to say that so many of their pieces are the foundation of my wardrobe.  It’s a brand that does basics right and I am constantly reaching for their pieces.  The sweaters are incredible, whether it’s their cashmere, alpaca, or even cotton-blend.  Both their jeans and pants have served me well, too–you probably know I’m in love with their wide-leg crops and $50 work pants.

And their shoes!  The first pair of boots I bought from Everlane were the suede Boss Boots (two years ago)and it’s been love ever since. I remember buying them because they reminded me of the Acne boots that were about 3x the price. The craftsmanship is perfection and they’re extremely comfortable.  These Western booties and new Editor booties are no exception.  I’ve never been less than thrilled with their footwear.

If there’s anything you ever want me to review for Everlane, please let me know.  But based on views, swipe-ups, and sales, I know you all love the basics, just like me.   For sizing purposes, I always wear a small in tops, 2 in dresses/coats, 26 in pants, and always a 7.5 in shoes–all very true to size for me.

*Thanks to Everlane for sponsoring this post!

  • I’m loving my grey-checkered cocoon coat that you recommend this winter and am eyeing their new double breasted wool coat. How does their cuts differ? I’m thinking of getting a sleeker black coat this winter but is still roomy for a sweater underneath.

    • The double breasted is a thicker/heavier material. It still runs slightly oversized but it’s more of a classic shape than the cocoon, which means its great for layering underneath!

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