Essential Summer Dresses

When the humidity starts to rise, I LIVE in summer dresses.  I want minimal fabric touching my body and dresses fulfill that need.  I have a hard time putting on jeans (although jean shorts are the exception) and find myself reaching over and over again for a dress–any loose dress–in my closet.  These Everlane dresses have really been hitting the spot when it comes to my loose dress requirements; yet, they’re still feminine and summery (hint: they also look awesome with a belt bag in case you’re over schlepping around large totes).

I *just* received these two summer dresses I’m wearing (the red and the white) and they’re almost sold out, which I realize is irksome when I just put them on the blog, but I think it speaks to how affordable and chic they are.  I also know Everlane tends to test out styles and restock shortly there after so I will keep you all posted on availability.  I would say the are TTS and I’m wearing a 2 in both styles!

*Thanks to Everlane for sponsoring this post!

everlane dress
red everlane dress
essential summer dresses
oversized summer dress with espadrilles
red summer dress

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