Zumper // File This Under: Stuff I Wish Was Around When I Needed It

As someone who may be older (and wiser…?) than you, hopefully from time to time, I can provide guidance or tips on what I’ve learned along the way. As you know, last year we bought an older home and moved to the Chicago suburbs.  I’ve lived here over a decade and while I’ve worked and […]

Basic Work Bags: From Budget to Beyond

I receive a lot of questions about work bags (shop more totes here) and honestly, it’s hard to narrow a few down because they really run the gamut.  You can go basic and you can go downright baller–and everything in between.  But before buying a work bag, it’s important to consider your needs and determine […]

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The Last Three Books I Read

I LOVE to read. Unfortunately, it has taken a back seat in my life. Growing up, I devoured books and read everything I could get my hands on. I still think about some of the books that I loved and really affected me as a young girl growing up: The American Girl series (various authors) because […]

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Eye Cream That Works (…And Gives Me Bright Eyes!)

Is there a beauty product that you’ve never really been “sold” on?  Maybe you question if it’s really necessary in your skin care regime?  I’m constantly trying new products–it’s part of the gig, and I love sharing the results with you all!  So, my beauty product that always left me feeling dissatisfied was eye cream.  […]