Back to School Shopping

Oh my gosh, it’s already that time: back to school!  Harry is actually starting preschool in September so we’re gearing up for this major life transition.  And Teddy isn’t even 2, so he’s not quite ready for school yet, but I plan to enroll him in some activities this year to get his feet wet!  […]

Skincare Products I Keep Buying

It’s hard to claim you love a skincare product when you don’t feel compelled to re-buy it.  There are a handful of special products–“HG status” products, that I keep buying, even if I’m lured to try something new.  And hey, it’s the nature of the business; I love trying new things and telling you guys […]

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Fall 2018 Trends That Have Staying Power

Fall is almost here which means a new season to experiment with fresh trends.  The cold weather means it’s layering season and that’s when you can truly show off your styling chops.  I’ve been dong aa little runway research and these are the five fall trends that, in my opinion, have some legs.  Basically, if […]

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How We’re Approaching Home Renovations and What’s Next

As you know (because I post about it on IG stories quite often), we’re slowly making our house a home.  And if you’re new to these parts, welcome!  To sum it up: we moved to the northern Chicago suburbs (read more about why we did it here).  I’ve never given additional context into what we […]