Meet Fin

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy–especially this time of year.  In this past year, I left my 9-5 (I mean, it wasn’t 9-5 at all, but you all get what I’m saying) job to work for myself.  With that, I thought, great!  I’m going to have so much time and freedom…um wrong.  I’m hustling […]

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Need New Bedding? A Brooklinen Review

So, we’re currently living in our guest bedroom while our master bath/bedroom is being renovated (see our renovation priorities here).  It’s temporary but it’s really tight in there. I haven’t done anything to the room and after living here for the past six weeks, I realized the sheets from 2007 need to go.  We received […]

This is 34

I turn 34 tomorrow, on November 21st and I can’t believe how fast it’s snuck up on me.  Once I started to think about my age along with what happened while I was 33, I became overwhelmed.  34 seems so…grown-up–so, mid-30s.  Yes, I have kids, a home, etc, but there’s something about that pesky number […]