Notes to Myself During a Very Hard Time

It’s been a very heavy week for me.  I have so much on my mind, which mostly concerns the baby girl that we said goodbye to September.  February 11th was my due date.  February 5th was my scheduled c-section date.  With both of my boys, I went into labor before the scheduled c-sections (both boys […]

The Last Three Books I Read

I’ve been on a book tear this year.  Lots of car time means lots of Audibles. Trying to cut down on phone time at night means reading before bed.  I think you’ll enjoy the books I recently read; they’re all VERY different versions of fiction.  There’s some on the nose racial discussion, WWII historical drama, […]

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In Defense of Hobbies

At the turn of the new year, I saw an instagram post that was re-grammed by numerous people I follow.  It was in defense of hobbies–you know, the things you do for fun with zero expectations (remember those?).  “Hobby” isn’t even a word you hear much these days.  It’s always referred to as your side […]

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