Why Double Cleansing Works

File this under “things I learned from instagram.”  I had no idea what double cleansing was until i saw some of my favorite fellow bloggers talk about it.  It’s been a K Beauty secret for years but once I gave it a go, it’s personally helped my skin breathe–no more buildup, more effective routines and […]

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Transition From the City to the Suburbs: Part II – An Update

We’ve been in the suburbs for nine months now and in some ways, it’s felt like forever.  In other ways, it’s only been a minute and I sometimes want to drive “home” to our condo in Wicker Park when I’m in the city.  I wrote this post about why we left the city here, but […]

I Listened to Your Podcast Suggestions (..And Am Ready For More)

Once I listen to a podcast, I can’t stop.  I’m insatiable and digest the content quickly–while I’m in the car, doing housework, writing emails–it’s all free podcast time.  Last fall I talked about some podcasts that I LOVED (check them out here); About half are about fashion start-ups, entrepreneurs, or best friends gabbing, but other […]

I Tried Beautycounter Skincare (+ Incorporated Them Into My Nighttime Routine!)

For me, the clean beauty movement started with deodorant.  My mom always avoided antiperspirants and as I did my own research, I realized how harmful it was to let your skin absorb these toxic ingredients.  As I became more and more interested in skincare (that wasn’t until my late 20s), I was drawn towards effective […]

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