I Want It All: Why I’m #InItTogether with LinkedIn

I’ve talked about my career journey on the blog before (working mom struggle post here); it’s a huge part of me and the blog itself has changed my career trajectory.  I’ve been challenging myself since the beginning of my career.  As a finance major who fell into management consulting, it was a new challenge every […]

Podcasts That I Love

I’ve dabbled in listening to podcasts before but now that I’m in the suburbs, I listen to them nonstop as I do a lot more commuting via car and train.  It gives me a chance to relax, zone out and sometimes, think.  When I listen to a good podcast, I feel productive–maybe because I learned […]

Sunday Self-Care Routine with Colleen Rothschild

I was a newbie to Colleen Rothschild products until this past April.  When I went to the RewardStyle conference, there were networking sessions with brands, so I popped in to learn what they were all about.  It’s a Dallas-based skincare company started by a beauty industry insider.  The products feel luxe and spa-like and I’ve […]

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My Goals As a Blogger (and why I don’t like the word ‘Influencer’)

Do you ever wonder what bloggers or people in this digital influence space want out of this career long-term?  Or maybe you’re a blogger yourself and am wondering what’s next for you.  I’m always so interested in people’s 10-year plans (probably because it slightly scares me to think so critically about the future) and because […]

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