I Tried Beautycounter Skincare (+ Incorporated Them Into My Nighttime Routine!)

For me, the clean beauty movement started with deodorant.  My mom always avoided antiperspirants and as I did my own research, I realized how harmful it was to let your skin absorb these toxic ingredients.  As I became more and more interested in skincare (that wasn’t until my late 20s), I was drawn towards effective […]

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Why I Work Out: An Essay From Someone Who Hated Gym Class

Growing up, I desperately wanted to be athletic.  I started playing softball as a 1st grader and picked up soccer (God, I was awful at that) and basketball later on (I was marginally better at that).  I hung out with a sporty crew; we all wore Umbros, jogging suits (you know–swishy pants), and either Sambas […]

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What You Loved in 2018 (And Will Continue to Love in 2019)

My top items from 2018 are ones that I purchased this year (and some even in 2017) that are STILL available.  They’re top items because I constantly wear them (or re-buy in the case of the one essential oil I use).  I deem these items classics and I have no doubt that they will continue […]

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New Year, Same Me

I’m not a huge fan of making life changing New Years’ resolutions. While I believe that people are capable of making huge, overnight life changes for themselves, I more so believe that the small changes we make are what produce the greatest longterm effects.  I don’t like to be set up to fail and making […]