black friday sales

Best of Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sales

It’s Black Friday + Cyber Monday–a great time to shop for those holiday presents (and yourself).  I’m not here to overwhelm so I want to keep it simple.  Also, it’s helpful to make a list (take that pen to paper) and mark off those who you’re buying for.  And keep checking back as I will […]

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shopbop black friday

Shopbop Black Friday Sale! (My Picks + Items I’ve Had Forever)

Let the madness begin!  But, honestly, I’ll take any excuse to cover a Shopbop sale.  And when it’s the Shopbop Black Friday sale, all bets are off (up to 25% off, use code MORE19).  These sales are the absolute best and I always end up buying a few things for myself!  Check out my picks […]

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billie razor review

The Billie Razor Review: Part II

I have to say, I am PUMPED for this partnership.  About six weeks ago, I was influenced by others to purchase the Billie razor.  I’d seen the ads on facebook and instagram and I’d seen my fellow bloggers talking about it, too.  I looked at the razor I had and knew I wasn’t that attached […]

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leopard coat

Thoughts On Turning 35

This feels like a big one.  My thoughts, lessons learned, and perspective on turning the big 3-5: When I was in my 20s, I thought people in their 30s were SO old and mature.  Funny how now I still feel young and like I’m not *that* far out of college (I am–2007 grad).   Sometimes when […]