The Last Three Books I Read

I go in waves with reading; sometimes I can’t read enough, other times months may pass without me flipping a page.  That’s my current season of life–sometimes I’m just too whipped at night to do anything except for half-watch a show on Netflix and fade into my pillow.  But since I was recently on vacation […]

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back to school supplies

Back to School Supplies for Kindergarten

Holy moly, it’s August.  I know everyone says that summer flies but this year was an extreme case.  In Chicago, we had a rough spring and June was basically a deluge so summer didn’t feel like it started until the 4th of July.  Here we are in August and my little Harry will be starting […]

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baby registry essentials

Baby Registry Essentials (But Really, These Are Must-Haves)

I may no longer have babies but we have been toying with the idea of adding one more baby to the mix (unfortunately, I had a miscarriage last fall).  However, I know a lot of my readers are in that season of life; maybe you’re having babies.  Or maybe your friends are having babies.  Or […]

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Amazon Prime Day – What I’m Buying (And What I’ve Bought In the Past)

They really hit us with the July sales, eh?  Well, I still try and patronize in-person stores but I DO love a deal off Amazon (and lots of other online retailers).  I wanted to show you what sales I’m purchasing myself today and what I’ve bought in the past that I would 100% recommend (and […]

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