Amazon Best Sellers of 2020

Love it or hate it, many of us shop on Amazon…a lot.  I receive mixed messages from you all–most people love the Amazon picks and want more, while others are over it and Jeff Bezos’ empire.  I can see both sides, certainly, and would implore you to also invest in your local stores as much as you can!  (No, that doesn’t mean Target, although I love them, too.). That being said, even if you’re just an occasional Amazon shopper, I love this little mix of Amazon best sellers in 2020–it’s a sign of the times, that’s for certain; there are cozy sweaters, leggings, and carpet cleaner, just to start. 

Top Amazon Sellers of 2020

Check out the top 10 items that YOU loved, too (and for good reason!):

L’Oreal Elvive rebalancing shampoo ($3) – So many of you have messaged me that you also love this.  Apprently it’s the same formulation as Kerastase (also owned by L’Oreal) and it’s AMAZING.  I alternate it with my fancy shampoos.

GHD curling iron ($199) – I loooove this curling iron.  Heats and turns off quickly and actually makes the curl last!  I plan on having this for a long, long time, so it’s worth the splurge.  (Doesn’t fry my hair, either)

Round sunglasses ($13) – I stumbled upon these last February and absolutely love them.  I abuse them–throw them in my bag without a care and they’re still perfect.  I always get questions about them, too–they’re the best.

Makeup brush cleaning pad ($5) – It’s darn right therapeutic watching the grossness come out of your makeup brushes with this thing.  For makeup brush shampoo, I use this!

Faux Leather Leggings ($46) – #1 legging on Amazon and half the price of Spanx!

Turtleneck sweater tunic ($34) – I’d love to know who is responsible for discovering this sweater.  The photo doesn’t do it justice!  It’s perfect with leggings and sneakers or hiking boots.  I wear mine ALL.THE.TIME.  Got my mom one for Christmas, too!  Runs oversized (I wear a S)

Calvin Klein bra ($20) – Ooohh boy, I love this bra.  I bought it on Prime Day and you guys went nuts for it, too.  This just reminded me, I need to buy it in a few other colors, too. (My pregnant/nursing boobs need a medium and i’m usually a small.)

Kids bunk beds ($1200) – I love that this is on here!  Bunk beds are expensive and hard to find but we love these for my boys.  It took my husband a day to put them together but it’s a solid piece of furniture and looks much more expensive than it is. (And it has a pull out trundle, too!)

Folex ($13) – The crowd went wild when I demo’d this miracle worker (aka carpet/fabric stain remover) on instagram stories–it got an old, red, candy stain off my Loloi rug.  It WORKS.

Sweater dress ($39) – I think when I bought this it was $20 so keep an eye on the prices.  However, it’s a basic sweater dress that I wore with the bump but now without the bump, you can belt it or wear it oversized.  It’s perfect and versatile!

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  • When i clicked on Folex i thought it was a link to a good rolex look alike dupe. To my surprise it’s a carpet cleaner!

  • I know you make your income off the promotion of products, but I find that after Amazon’s censorship of free speech that I’ll no longer be able to support Amazon. I hope you may be able to help those of us who will no longer support Amazon find some alternative affordable fashion finds from smaller brands.

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