Add Some Sparkle to 2020

The holidays are closing in and I personally can’t believe that the year is almost over.  SO much has happened and it’s been a tumultuous year for so many of us!  Of course, there is some joy to be found and wins to be celebrated.  At the end of the day, we’ve all been pretty resilient while being dealt plenty of change and challenges and that in itself deserves some celebration, right?.  

My partnership with Hearts on Fire has been wonderful because I’ve been able to celebrate the good in 2020, like the birth of our double rainbow baby Bennett, and commemorate it with something a little extra special–and sparkly!  But it doesn’t necessarily need to be celebrations; there’s something to be said about gifting someone (or even yourself) because perhaps it hasn’t been the best year.  It’s always a good time to add some sparkle into our lives because we all need it at some point or another.

And don’t forget that Hearts on Fire, aside from having they sparkliest diamonds around, also offers amazing perks when you order from their site, like:

–30 Day Return Policy

–Free Shipping

–Expert Gemologist and Stylist who knows all things diamond jewelry

I hope you all get something sparkly this year!

*Thank you to Hearts On Fire for sponsoring this post!

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