Home Chef at Mariano’s

home chef at mariano's

I’ve tried a handful of meal kits and I enjoy the new recipes and portioned ingredients, however, my schedule is all over the place and sometimes I don’t know how many times I’ll eat at home in a week.  Well, there’s great news for that–Home Chef is now available at Mariano’s stores!  Do you know how easy this makes weeknight dinners now that you can pick it up in-store?  And honestly, the meals are delicious.

The two I brought home with Pork Bahn Mi Bowl and the Empanada Rice Bowl (I’m on a rice kick, ok?).  The reason I love these cooking kits is because they challenge my cooking skills.  Like everyone, I get in a cooking rut and make the same things over and over.  I rarely make Asian food at home so the fact that I could make a delicious Pork Bahn Mi rice bowl with PICKLED VEGETABLES (yep, I pickled them myself and it was so easy…I’m embarrassed I haven’t done it before) truly opened my eyes.

Also, let’s talk portion sizes.  The meal kits at Mariano’s serve two–and the portions are BIG.  I made the Pork Bahn Mi Bowl when Eric was out of town and figured I’d be able to finish it myself.  I was wrong – there was more than tough for leftovers, which I enjoyed the next day with a healthy dose of Sriracha.

**If you purchase a kit in-store at Mariano’s, you’ll receive $35 off your first Home Chef order on HomeChef.com!

*Thanks to Home Chef for partnering with this post!

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  1. Claudia Simon says:

    We have tried many different meal plans. This is by far the worst we have ever tried!
    Cooking times are useless! Meat was tough. Green beans never cooked completely. Why even include
    the mushroom soup? Horrible So disappointing! I was hoping this would be a perfect option a couple times
    a week for dinner.

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