What’s In My Medicine Cabinet

my beauty shelfie medicine cabinet

No BS here – this is my actual medicine cabinet reveal–a “shelfie,” if you will.   Truth be told, I haven’t lived in many places with a medicine cabinet so this is exciting to me.  However, it’s tiny (as is the bathroom); luckily, Eric’s hair pomade and deodorant fits in there, too, just fine.  These are all actual products in my skincare routine right now and as you can see, I like to change it up.  But it’s been working for me and I love testing new products.  Not pictured is Sunday Riley (love their Good Genes (lactic acid…see more on my potential dupe below) and face wash.) . Any feedback on these products or amazing ones I’m missing?!  Happy to answer questions in the comments, too.

As always, you can shop anything I post on Instagram on my shop page--super easy and you can generally find products there.

Tula – (20% off with code ANNAJANE) – Been using Tula products religiously for the greater part of the year and I still love their moisturizer, illuminating serum and mask.

Jo Malone fragrances – I’ve been wearing them for a decade (and have tried a ton).  My favorites are Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Elemis – Love their cleansing balm and Superfood oil right now (and check out this deal on their products, too!).

KloraneTheir dry shampoo is amazing (I prefer the loose powder form)!

SkinceuticalsThe first retinol I tried— I’m a huge fan and will buy again (but am stepping up to the 1.0).

Aseop – In LOVE with their hand soap and also a fan of their face wash and facial oils (particularly the parsley serum).

The Ordinary (also available here) – Verdict’s out on what I think of this brand–and I’ve been using it for months.  I love the price and that I”m not afraid to use an ample amount but I can’t decide if it’s DOING anything.  I probably won’t buy the lactic acid (I so badly wanted this to replace Sunday Riley Good Genes) or retinol again (am I using it wrong?!  I did my homework!) but I do like the hyraulonic acid and vitamin c serum and want to try some other products.  My advice: do your homework on these products and how to use them…I’m going to try more.

Pixi – Their glow tonic may be my favorite toner of all time…and you can get it at Target!

Bag Balm – Old family secret…my mom used to slather this on our chapped lips and noses (if we had a cold) before bed.  Great for hands, too! (The original packaging used to showcase a cow’s udders…hmm)

L’oreal self-tanner – In towel form!  Cheap and great in a pinch.

RMS Beauty – I only have a few products from the line but I LOVE the un-coverup (I use ’11’) and the magic luminizer.

Castor oil – I drink teaspoon before bed to clear the ol’….KIDDING.  Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  If I remember, I’ll rub it on my eyelashes and eyebrows before bed…it’s supposed to keep them healthy but I probably don’t do it enough to see real results.

Tata Harper – I’m using the exfoliator face wash and it’s a little grainy so I only use it once a week in the shower (great for my neck and décolletage).

**I know Real Outfit Recap is reserved for Friday but honestly, I’ve been wearing the same sweatpants all week while I clean and unpack…it’ll be back next week!



  1. I 100% agree on the Ordinary! I’ve been using the retinol (first I tried the 2% then after no results, bought the 5%) and 3 months later, I’m still not sure it’s doing anything… I completely redid my nightly skin routine after doing a ton of research but maybe I was expecting too much? Maybe I’m trying to convince myself I love it because of the price point? I’m going to use the whole bottle but think I’ll try another retinol next time.

  2. I just started using the Pixi toner and I love it! My other new Target discoveries are the Nugg Beauty masks. I’m so glad you mentioned the bag balm….one of those things I’ve forgotten about and my hands are crazy dry from this winter (that won’t end…). I need to try something to heal them.

    • The Pixi toner is awesome, right?! I bought it when I went home for the holidays on a whim and LOVE it. Bag balm is the best, too–lasts forever. Will check out those masks!

  3. Thank you for being so honest about The Ordinary! I purchased a few products (Hylauronic Acid, Resveratrol, Matrixyl and the Glycolic Toning Solution), began using them regularly since February 1st and have seen nothing. ZERO. I mean, the containers could contain nothing but water at this point. I think two months is solid time frame, don’t you think? I’m just relieved that they were so inexpensive. Probably spent $30 in total.


    I use Elemis balm as well, and it’s just lovely. Works so well and smells wonderful. I use just a touch, so it’s worth the money. I’ve read quite a bit about the Pixi toner and am tempted to give it a try. I currently use Biologique P50 and adore it. Results were nearly immediate. Quite pricey though which is why I wanted to find a less expensive version to rotate with.

    In terms of retinol, I feel strongly that one is better off getting a prescription for RetinA. There’s just no substitute.

    I enjoy your blog and Inst posts quite a bit. You come across as very down to earth and authentic. Rare these days!

    • I knowww, I need to myself to a derm to get a prescription..even OTC retinol has been a game changer for me!

      If you’re on the fence about the Pixi toner, buy the smaller size at Target! I’ve been using that size since Christmas and I still have some left 🙂

      • Yep, went online to Target after everyone’s comments. Bought the Pixi Toner (it’s on sale too!) and Botanics hot cleansing balm (which I’ve heard is very comparable to Elemis). Excited to try both!
        Thanks for these great resources!

          • Gah! My error. Pixi was not on sale. But the Botanics product were! The cleansing balm is REALLY similar to Elemis and sells for about $7! I’ve been using it for just a couple of days, but it’s very comparable. The scent is the same. It removes eye make-up really well (no stinging or cloudy eyes). It is a little richer, so I imagine it would be good when skin is a little drier. Nice to have to rotate with Elemis!

  4. not listed in your discussion, but how do you feel about the natural deodorant? I just got one to try via birchbox, but I’m a little hesitant!

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