Search for the Best Natural Deodorant: An Update

best natural deodorant

Remember when I was on the hunt for the best natural deodorant?  It’s been a quarter and I feel like I can confidently give feedback on how it’s going.  I’ve been using Schmidts Rose + Vanilla religiously since November and it’s definitely better than the deodorants I’ve tried in the past.  Would I buy it again?  I would, but honestly, I want to try Native and LaVanila sport to see how they fare.  But I know if they don’t work, I can go back to Schmidt’s . Also, I’d rather try a different scent, too..I want something fresh smelling and not floral and the Rose scent stains light clothing…see below.  (And if you don’t like Schmidt’s or it doesn’t work for you, check out the comments on my original post…there are awesome recommendations!)

A couple tricks I’ve picked up since using it: don’t wear it with white silk.  Seriously…it’ll stain.  Also, it works with everyday perspiration but when I would get the ‘nervous sweats,’ it didn’t work.  So, I cheated a few times and put on my secret stash of Dove when I had a big meeting or presentation in the morning–because the nervous sweats are nothing to mess with (I know, I know, but I told you I do that from time to time).  Lastly, it works best if you reapply it throughout the day.  Might be weird to bring your deodorant to work BUT if you work out after the office, it might be worth throwing it in your bag.  Sometimes I’d apply it before bed and again in the morning–it worked great that day.

(I’ve heard a lot about Kopari lately – has anyone tried or is it just fancy coconut oil? It’s like the 10th ingredient….)



  1. My favorite natural deodorant is by American Provenance. I actually like a lot of their men’s scents. The one thing I’ve found is after I apply it, I just take a little tissue and wipe any excess because the texture is a little more creamy when it goes on. I totally agree about natural deodorant and the nervous sweats!!

  2. I used the LaVanila for two years and it worked great, then all of the sudden it just stopped. I switched to Native, and while I love it, it can be really messy (whiskers of it show up on my dark clothing) and it feels dry when you put it on. I really want to try Primally Pure’s deodorant next, but thank you for the tip about Schmidt’s!

  3. I second on the stains! That was my top complaint with Schmidt’s – and the fact that it doesnt work for stress sweats. The LaVanila one doesnt work on nervous sweats either – I actually think it is worse…And definitely worse for working out. I just now ordered Native! We shall see.
    My one that I have been consistently using the last 2 years, that’s working (not totally ‘natural’ – but it is European so it does not have all the junk our stuff does) is FA. You have to buy it on ebay though…From Germany…So I tend to buy it in bulk.

  4. Random question… I bought the rose vanilla and loved it and then I ran out and bought another. The first one I bought the deodorant was creamy/white the second one I bought smelled the same but the deodorant was brownish and hard. Did I get a defective one or did they change up the formulation!?!? I was so confused. Curious what the consistentcy of yours was.

  5. The only one I’ve found that really works for me is Funkless – though it’s a cream not a stick. But I never ever stink with it and I’ve tried loads! Also the clay armpit detox every month or so does help!

  6. Native works the best for me! I also used Schmidt’s but after some time (or maybe because the store stopped carrying the first scent I tried so I had to switch) I developed sensitive skin. I ordered the Native travel size sampler and have been really impressed! Not irritating and it keeps my underarms drier and less breakthrough occurances than the other brands I’ve tried. No touch ups necessary for non-workout days.

  7. I have been alternating Schmidt’s rose and Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick and I really like Sam’s. I get the women’s scent which is lavender/sage/citrus. I liked the LaVanila for a long time. I think the original scented one works best but at some point stopped working for me so I just keep switching it up! It’s a journey.

  8. I’ve been using Native coconut/vanilla for 6 weeks and I love the smell but I definitely need to reapply before and after a workout. I also want to try Kopari.

  9. I love NatureLove lemongrass natural deodorant. It smells amazing and doesn’t stain. However, it doesn’t work great for the nervous sweats (which I get, big time) so if I know I’ll be going on an interview or speaking in front of a group, I always use Certain-Dri the night before, which guarantees I’ll have NO wet spots on my blouse. But 99 percent of the time, I love using natural deodorant.

  10. I have tried Native and while I felt I didn’t smell, my underarms were always wet. I am now trying Kopari, it feels good going on, doesn’t mark my clothes and so far has kept me dry. The weather is heating up in New England now so we will see if it stills works in 90 degree heat with 100% humidity. I’d love to try Lavanila as well.

    • I’ve been loving Kopari! I still do sweat a bit when it’s hot (like today, it’s 90 degrees) BUT I dont’ smell, which is great 🙂

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