Your Style Questions, Answered!

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Everywhere!  When I was younger, I couldn’t get enough of magazines.  As the internet evolved, I absolutely loved online magazine and street style blogs.  I also couldn’t get enough of real-life style blogs.  I plucked inspiration from my travels, my co-workers, my friends, people on the street, window shopping–everywhere!  

These days, I get most of my inspiration from the internet/instagram as I work from home (but I get to the city every chance I get and that provides a lot of inspiration for me!).  I love how there’s been a shift in more ‘real outfits’ on instagram, from even those who work(ed) in the upper echelon of fashion (e.g. my old faves: Taylor Tomasi Hill, Joanna Hillman, Olivia Palermo).  I feel like that’s always been my niche in blogging and on instagram (they’re basically my real outfits and nothing is hyper-stylized) so it’s fun to see what those who work int he industry are putting on there.

How do you decide what to buy/keep?

It’s not a very scientific process.  I buy it if I can’t stop thinking about it.  Sometimes I wait days, sometimes I wait months, sometimes I wait years!  However, I do have a shopping tip that has helped me curate a cohesive wardrobe: when buying a new piece, I think of three ways to style it with pieces I already have in my closet.  (Online shopping is particularly advantageous in this situation as you can literally bring the item into your closet.)  It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that you’ll wear the piece a few different ways and get some mileage out of it.  Plus, it keeps your closet interesting.

Suggest some good looking comfortable shoes for work (flats) if you’re on your feet all day?

Rothy’s are actually pretty awesome; they’re comfortable and stylish.  Everlane’s day flat is super comfortable (and chic), too!  If you want to splurge, Chanel ballet flats are very comfortable after a few wears (and I’ve had mine for years).

Fall family photo outfit advice?

I’d say don’t try *too* hard to match perfectly.  A similar color palette is a great place to start.  But if you’re stuck, a good rule of thumb is to make sure there’s a common color with at least one other person in the photo (for example: I might wear a floral maxi dress that has forest green in it, so make sure one other person has an outfit with forest green in it).  

Mixing small scale and large scale patterns is fine (i.e. if you have a large scale floral dress on and your husband has a small check gingham shirt).  I think that gives the photo a little more personality than if everyone is wearing solids, anyway.  Try not to overthink it (which is so hard, I know).

Advice for first trimester dressing (it’s so awkward!)

First trimester is all about the bloat, for me.  Loose dresses and oversized sweaters are your friend, if you want to keep it a secret; however, I guarantee that you probably feel larger than you look.  I swear that my stomach was bigger in week 8 than it was in week 14 from all that bloat.

What are three basic jean styles I should have in my closet?

This is so subjective but my personal opinion:

  1. A mid or high-rise slim straight leg in a dark color.  So versatile–easy to dress up or down. (suggestion here)
  2. Black skinny legging jean (I prefer a high rise like Everlane’s pair).  It’s great tucked into boots and easy to dress up!
  3. Something NOT skinny–I’m going to leave this one open ended as the possibilities are endless (especially based on your level of comfort).  Maybe it’s a cropped wide-leg.  Perhaps it’s a distressed boyfriend jean.  Maybe it’s a bootcut (remember as I said last week, it’s coming baaaaaack).  Whatever it is, find it and love it!

What are your favorite tops/blouses for work that aren’t too boring (or corporate)?

  • Equipment makes an amazing silk blouse in both solids and gorgeous patterns. 
  • I also love Everlane’s silk (they’re mostly solids, though).
  • Joie makes such fun printed tops (and you can always find them on sale, like this leopard gem)
  • H&M makes an affordable, trendy top (LOVE this one for work or weekend)

Go-to casual date night outfit?

A great fitting pair of jeans, fun blouse and a great jacket (you know I love a good jacket0.  Depending on the season, I’ll wear boots or heels.

Best clothing brands to build a wardrobe of basics?

As you know, I believe in a high-low mix so here’s my iteration of basics: Vince or Everlane cashmere sweaters, Citizens of Humanity or Levi’s jeans, Veronica Beard/IRO jackets or J Crew (and really: one/third), Equipment or Everlane blouses, Rebecca Taylor dresses.  This is just a start but they all represent solid brands that I believe in!

Does camel and grey go together?

Yes yes yes!  Check out my take here.  I truly believe that any neutral combination works!

How to pull off the snakeskin trend? 

Start small and in classic silhouettes.  I pulled out the snakeskin ankle boots last week (here) but look how effortless a snakeskin midi looked when I wore it with neutrals.  There’s nothing extra about it!

classic work outfit
classic work outfit
classic work outfit
classic work outfit
classic work outfit trench shirt dress
classic work outfit

  • Love this list! I noticed that was your casual date night go-to before, and I fell in love with the blue and white Ganni blouse that I noticed you wear a couple of times, but I was far too late to the train to pick that one up. I would really love some new date night blouse ideas!

  • Your suggestions are always so good. Not sure if my line of work needs such great style though.

    Wait a minute. . . I just saw you this week, and there are no signs of any belly! You are hiding this well. And looking great while expecting is so hard. The t-shirt dress seems to only be offered in shades of green now, or am I looking at the wrong t-shirt dress? Regardless, I couldn’t wear it like you do, but I may just give it a try. Still searching for the perfect navy blazer. . . I read the Black Blazer post, but I’ve never tried Everlane. Perhaps time to try.

    • It’s the same dress! I just think the blue is sold out-Everlane can be pretty seasonal when it comes to things. But their stuff is pretty great!

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