What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

I’m a little partial that this dress is a great option to wear to a fall wedding because, well, I wore it to a fall wedding a few weeks ago.  The fabric is dark and luxe looking and the sleeves are long, even if the shoulders are bare.  The midi length makes it look both casual and formal – you could really wear it to any wedding (unless it’s a super formal wedding).  While I love this dress (it’s also great for the holidays), I thought it’d be handy to round up a couple more options.

Additional Dresses for a Fall Wedding

Classic halter neckline, sophisticated silhouette. and gorgeous fall color.

Sometimes you want a mini dress for a wedding – love the Grecian vibes and $98 price.

This stunning, black maxi dress makes a statement, no matter what the occasion (wear with statement earrings!)

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