Tips for Shopping at H&M

I do a lot of H&M roundups here on the blog and on instagram.  Not only do you all like them, but I really like shopping at H&M.  I full subscribe to the high-low fashion mix and I think that H&M has awesome, well-made pieces, made with terrific fabrics, and at awesome prices.

Tips for Shopping at HM

Last week I share a reel about how I approach shopping at H&M (watch the reel here) and thought I’d go a little deeper into the tips here!

  • New arrivals go fast online–really fast.  So, always shop by new arrivals and sort by newest.
  • If you’re looking for something in store (sometimes if it sells out online, it could be available at your local H&M), note that the store is sorted by color.
  • Become an H&M member.  It’s free, you earn points, you usually get free upgraded shipping, AND they run members only sales often.
  • Search “trend” in the search bar-it pulls up good stuff.
  • H&M seems to love running Sunday sales–keep your eyes peeled.
  • H&M Conscious line is my favorite and is usually made of natural and/or organic fabrics such as cotton and linen (and it’s better for the Earth!).
  • Little details can make a big impact.  Tie sleeves?  Expensive looking buttons?  They add subtle details.
  • Floaty dresses look just like the ones at Shopbop, but for like $20.

Usually when you think of fast fashion, you think of one season and it’s done.  Or throwaway.  Or trendy.  But honestly, I have certain H&M pieces that I’ve had in my closet for YEARS.  If you love it, take care of it, it doesn’t matter how much it cost.  I also admire H&M for redefining their approach to fast fashion but committing to sustainability (read more about it here).

  • Honestly, H&M is my favorite mass-market brand. Starting from good clothing to eco-awareness, they got you covered. I truly believe that H&M does the best quality clothes for a very reasonable amount of money. They also have a wide range of eco-friendly materials to choose from. And their designs are something else, for sure. As the author mentioned in their article all clothes do look expensive, and H&M never fails with bougie details!

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