The Preppy Cardigan Makes a Comeback

Cardigans were my lifeline when I graduated college.  During the summer, I’d keep one in my bag for the air-conditioned office; during the winter, I’d always be wearing one over my “going out” tops (you know what I’m talking about).  They kept me the perfect temperature on a plane when I was constantly traveling and were a pillar of my work wardrobe.  Then, I switched industries where I could be as casual as I wanted–I ditched my cardigans.  I traded in my pencil skirts for skinny jeans and my cadigans for oversized sweaters and leather jackets.

Almost a decade later, I’ve “rediscovered” the cardigan.  I’ve been craving a sweater that’s a little more refined–a bit more ladylike.  And while it looks lovely over a dress or skirt, I am loving it with a pair of straight leg jeans. Wearing it over dresses or with skirts is a perfectly feminine option; I find I can pair it just as easily with cool-looking denim these days.  So, I’m reclaiming my love for the cardigan–having a cashmere option doesn’t hurt, either.   

everlane cashmere cardigan
preppy cardigan with jeans
everlane cashmere cardigan
everlane cashmere cardigan with jeans

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