The 10 Best Things I Bought in 2019

I’ll most likely soon share what YOU all loved and bought this year that was highlighted on my blog but not everything I consume makes it on here.  I wanted to show what my personal favorites were in 2019; they got a lot of use or wear–some were bought long ago and some are more recent.  Either way, I’m a big fan of all of them.

IT cosmetics powder brush – I used whatever brushes were cheapest at Sephora–usually Sephora brand (hint: they don’t age well).  Those brushes now feel like sandpaper compared to my IT cosmetics brushes.  I’m OBSESSED; they don’t shed, they’re so soft, and are still good after a deep cleaning.  I bought them after seeing so many good reviews on Sephora!

Everlane snakeskin bootiesworn here (close runner up: Leoffler Randall Goldy boots, which are on saleshop more LR here) – I’m always grabbing these booties any chance I get.  They just add some much needed oomph to any basic outfit and for that I’m grateful.  We could all use some oomph in our lives, no?

EF Collection . Diamond huggie hoops (shop more EFC here) – I am a simple Sally when it comes to jewelry.  I like barely there jewels and I expect to keep them for life.  Sure, I like the rogue statement earring for a special occasion, but for the most part, I want simplicity.  I was convinced I was missing out on the huggie earring trend and when I saw this super small, gold, diamond single earring on Shopbop and bought one for each ear, I pulled the trigger during a sale.  I wear them in both my first and second holes.  And you can easily find a less expensive pair like this set on Etsy that are under $150.

Beyond Yoga soft leggings (shop more BY here) – I love a lot of different types of leggings–but these are special . I wear them for both working out and lounging.  They’re soft like no other and I’m always reaching for them!

Vince silk skirt (shop more Vince here) – I have really been into skirts as of late and this one is just super special.  The color feels season-less and I keep looking for more ways to wear it.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s actual silk and not a poly-blend.

Vitner’s Daugher Active Botanical Serum – I’ve had this stuff since April and still have quite a bit left in my first bottle!  I don’t use it every night but I’ve really enjoyed using it.  It smells so luxurious (when I come to bed after putting it on, Eric says I smell like The Peninsula Spa..ha) and your skin looks radiant as you press it in.  I’m sure there are less expensive oils and I will probably look for them, but in the meantime, I am enjoying every last drop.

AGOLDE parker shorts (shop more AGOLDE here) – My holy grail of denim shorts.  There’s something about them–not to tight, just high enough, and don’t look too young.  I love them! (TTS for me)

Shearling Birkenstocks – I don’t have regular Birkenstocks but I had to have this shearling lined pair.  I wore them a lot in October/November and last month they sort of turned into my house shoes.  They keep my toes nice and toasty when I’m working from home.

L’Agence legging jeans – Flattering, comfy and soft.  Not much more you could ask for in a pair of pants.  This was my first foray into L’Agence jeans and I am definitely impressed.

Ulla Johnson Fifi Dress – This may seem a little random as you might not have seen it on the blog (oh! but you have!) but it’s a dress I bought last January for a rehearsal dinner and I’ve worn it SO much throughout the year.  Casually, dressed up, in Miami (see it worn here), in London, in Chicago–everywhere!  It’s really one of those dresses that looks good for any occasion and I’ve even thrown leather jackets on top of it.

Honorable mentions: One/Third Jacket 01 (it’s my company but since it’s self-funded, technically I *did* buy my jacket–I wear it quite a bit), Aerie underwear (lacy boy brief and seamless boy brief are my faves!) and Educated: A Memoir, because it got me back into reading on the regular (I feel like a good book will do that if you’ve lost your way!).

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