Target Tuesday (+ Five Other Thoughts)

Happy First Target Tuesday of the New Year!

Target Tuesday (+ Five Other Thoughts)

A few links, stories, and food for thought…

Are you struggling with all things Covid and the chaos that ensues?  Maybe you have Covid, were exposed to Covid, are overworked due to Covid, can’t work due to Covid, have kids home due to Covid, or are just experiencing general chaos due to Covid?  I’M WITH YOU.  I liked this Atlantic piece (and she acknowledges that it is a little shallow but sometimes life is  shallow!)

I keep getting served this ad for inexpensive retinol body lotion; maybe they know I love retinol for my face, but a body lotion?  Have you ever tried it?

My beloved Bric’s suitcase from 2014 has a busted zipper (I’m going to see if a cobbler can fix it) so I found this new Bric’s Ulisse line at a local luggage store and impressed.  It’s way cheaper (Under $150 for the expandable carry-on) and comes with all the bells and whistles.  Great price, too!  Cheapest I found is $129 at Dillards and also in black at Nordstrom Rack.

Looking for soups to warm you up?  I love scouring the NYT Cooking site–here’s a ton!

This story about Forever 21’s investment in the Metaverse is perplexing; is the Metaverse actually just The Sims rebranded?  Serious question.  

  • That Atlantic article is 100% how I feel these days. We are all vacc’d and will mask when indoors, and we are doing our best to maintain healthy habits, but eventually we need to go out in the world again!

    • Amen sister. The comments on the IG post with it were harsh towards the writer but at the same time, she’s right. And so many of us have done what is in our control. This isn’t going away and we need to start moving forward!

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