Target Tuesday + 5 More Things

It’s Target Tuesday and I’m a day late and a dollar short! Back with finds from Target. As retailer, they’re stuck between prairie dresses and Y2K fashion. Hey, we’re all figuring it out together, right?

Target Tuesday + 5 More Things

Plus, five things resonating with me:

  1. Welp, this Atlantic article on the tough, early years of parenting just made me cry.
  2. Ok, I’ve been figured out; also, it’s not just me who re-watches old shows when they become available on streaming. Also, my new show is ER, ha.
  3. So, these fleece lined joggers I bought on Prime Day were perfect for paddle during a cold snap! ($26)
  4. In case you missed my Amsterdam trip, it’s been buzzing that their airport is to be avoided because it’s so backed up.  I think I waited in security for about 30 minutes but I definitely didn’t experience what people are saying (but also, carry-on your luggage!)
  5. When I was searching for “look for less” items for you all this week, Quince had my interest piqued.  So, could it stand up to Jenni Kayne?  Many of you sent me a DM but the results were split. So, some said it’s amazing and some said it was a little pilly (which happens with cashmere!).  Also, I am going to order and see for myself.
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